I've been blessed by so many awards from fellow bloggers that I wanted a separate page to display them.

However, I'm in the process of gathering them and linking this is a work in progress! Please stop back and check them out once I get my shit together self organized.



I'm extrememly grateful to Pam and Sandy at Words of Wisdom for highlighting me as a Blog of Note!
Although after having named their blog Words of Wisdom, I wonder how wise they are to put me as a BoN!

Thank you! Go over and check them out! They'll refer you to some great reading!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ today is obviously my lucky day! I didn't put on anything special or anything....I just woke up and found out that I got two awards! How fun for me! These have 'rules'...which I will ( Ipromise) to follow on the main page. But I wanted to get this down and documented before my brain farts again and I forget.

Please DO go over and check out my friend at SingleDatingMommy! She's fabulous! Trust me. I'm like George Washington...I cannot tell a lie!