Wednesday, November 4, 2009

magic paw lost it's magic...

Many of you have asked what's been happening on the Mr. Handsome Moving Sale Man front. So I thought I would take pause and fill you in.

Follow along closely so you don't miss out on all the little detailed innuendos.

Here's what's been going on.


Yup. That's the extent of it. My leap out of my comfort zone netted me pretty much nothin'. Except for a new-to-me loveseat for my office. Which, as you can attest to previous pictures, my dogs absolutely love.

Yes, there was flirtation.
Yes, there was the promise of budding romance.
No, it ain't gonna happen.

My rabbit's foot has lost all it's magic. It's time to get another.

As it turns out, Mr. Handsome Moving Sale guy must have some hidden issue. For what I was able to find out via Internet (thank you Google) he's not rich beyond your wildest dreams, per se, but not bad off either. So for a successful man you'd think he had a little more moxy, more confidence, more initiative.

I did my part.

I got out of my comfort zone and dropped off a business card, under the guise of interest in a piece of furniture.

He must have seen through my flimsy facade when he made the comment of "Classy move", but I followed through and bought said interested item at garage sale. Which has now become my dogs favorite spot in the house.

I texted a couple of times to dangle the carrot, make sure he didn't forget about my existence. Then I got sick. And then he was traveling. Timing was not on our side. But this past week there looked to be a viable opportunity to get together.

Wednesday afternoon I sent over a message, "R U free 4 a drink this evening?"

Innocent enough, yet slightly flirtatious.

Response from Mr. Handsome Moving Sale man, "Not really...sorry. Friday?"

"Friday I can't. Hosting a Halloween party for my daughter. Maybe another time." It was just a slight fib. It was partially for my daughter, but many of my own friends and well, I just don't know him well enough to invite him to that...yet.

I thought of how several years ago Chrissy invited a guy she had recently begun to date to be her escort for a wedding. She was in the wedding party. They got on fabulously and everyone loved him. Things looked good for the two of them. She never heard from him again.

So, yeah. I made the decision to not invite him to the pumpkin fest. Fib a little by allowing him to think that it's a kids event. We'll wait just a tad to see if a.) he's a keeper to show off to my friends; b.) he's able to handle my friends...

I immediately got a phone call from him. Perhaps he thought I was giving the blow-off? As in another time/amother life kind of comment? He explained that he was leaving for Pittsburgh and would be back tomorrow. "Could I do lunch?"

Yes. No problem.
Lunch is good.

He asked where my favorite spot was. That's a hard question. Where to go? My answer could be a maker/breaker. If I answer a place too nice, he might view me as high maintenance. Too beer/shot, he might think me a closet Nascar fan. Lunch place to talk....hmmm, somewhere middle of the road. Jesus, that's a hard question....

All this is playing through my head for that split second.

I opted for the Switzerland answer of, "You decide."

Immediately I started shaking my fist at myself! How lame! I just stoided and couldn't get anything out. Bah, Nancy.

We reached a decision to indeed have lunch on Friday. The plan was he'd call in the morning and we would then figure on a time and place.

With the iffy weather, I was in full throttle party plan mode on Friday. I really didn't have the time to spend flirting and lunching, but I didn't want to pass up this opportunity. So whilst getting everything set up, I made sure my phone was within reach.

At 11:36am he texted that he was "Waiting on AT&T".

He is moving, after all. All those utility set-up service calls. I thought the delay was great, it'd buy me a little more time to complete some work before changing clothes.

I sent back, "Hi Patrick...ah, the dreaded service call. At least At&T isn't too bad, I speak from experience. Are you still free for lunch? Time frame?"

I mean, it's okay if he needs to cancel. I do have this party in a few hours to prepare for. I almost was wishing he would reschedule. It would ease my pre-party stress a little.

A couple of minutes later I heard the *bing* of the incoming text.

"Yes, as soon as they r done. They aren't here yet."

That was at 11:49.
Friday morning.

Tuesday at 2:46pm I sent him "You can't still be waiting for the cable guy? ;-) Hope you had a great weekend."

I've not heard anything from him since.

No cancellation.
No apology.
No "how was your party", nothin'.

I got a big ol' stagutz...nada, zip.

I told Chrissy about it the other night. She sent me an e-mail with just one word in the body.

and then the link to

Maybe driving a big, black Escalade made his ego too large.
But in my book a no show, no call is just rude.
I don't care how good looking you may be. Or how successful. Or busy.

Rude is rude.

It's too bad. But it's okay.

I do have a new-to-me loveseat.
That the dogs love.
But do you know any single guys?
eHarmony is a little pricey.

I've got to get me a new Rabbit's foot. The one I have is all worn out.


  1. jerk.
    he sounds too good for you.

  2. "Dick" is being far too nice. Dick-smack is more like it.

    Your too good for that nonsense.

  3. Dick is too soft a word. Use an English put down.


    Just try it?


    Rolls off the tongue rather well, don’t you think?

  4. What a prick. He should have let you know.

  5. Uh, yeah, that was WAY rude. We've all been there, girl!

  6. I don't understand people. All he had to do was text you back and say he couldn't make it for lunch. What a drip. Unless he makes some sort of heroic gesture and can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had to be rushed to the hospital for an appendicitis or something I'd not respond again.

  7. Oh yeah, waaaay beyond rude. It sucks, but it's so much better to find this out now than later. OMG, I sound like somebody's mother! Oh wait-- I am...

  8. @Lora - I think (or hope) you meant that to come out the other way? But I understand's a mind meld thing. Thanks!

    @Dan - Waaaannnnnker. Oooh! I like it!
    It's my new favorite word! (oh, and I didn't forget about your lovely award...I'm getting to that presently!)

    Thanks to you ALL! I love your comments. They totally make my day.

  9. What a jerk. Obviously your awesomeness was just too overwhelming for him. And now? The internet hates him, haha.

  10. Good riddance to him! At least you got a loveseat that pleases you out of the deal.

  11. Hey Nancy! The only excuse is if he was taken suddenly dead. A lack of courtesy drives me crazy. I can handle being dropped on my head if it's done properly. As for insults, I'm with Dan - English is good. The man is an Arse. And you're fab; his loss. Therefore he is a Total Arse. As for decent single fellas, you're talking to one now, so chances are there's plenty more in your neck of the woods. Indigo

  12. I could think of 100 reasons why he did not reply but only the two obvious ones that would prevent him from at least calling to reschedule...

    I know a few single guys, but only if you're interested in either long distance dating (as in a few states over) or super-long distance dating (as in an ocean over).

  13. ps. you do know that this does not mean that getting out of your comfort zone is a bad thing right?!?

  14. What a douche! At least you got a loveseat out of it that your dogs love :) No worries, you'll find better I'm sure with that great smile! Have a great day!

  15. I secretly hope he has a damned good excuse.


  16. Sounds like you were both trying too hard to get together and he got tired of it. Men are like that, you know. They don't have the patience like a woman, especially in these circumstances.

  17. Welcome to my world...I was just recently thinking about asking for dates on my blog, LOL!

    We should start a blog for dating. We have such a lovely community and your 700 followers have got to know someone for you and me!

    I'm on e-harmony...I've been matched with over 700 men, I've been on one date! ONE! and I wasn't interested.

    Times are tough when it comes to love.

    Lets solve this world problem, together. LOL!

  18. Well Dick, oops I mean Patrick might have enough money for an Escalade, but money can't buy did get the best out of the deal - a sofa that your dogs love. At least your dogs are happy and their love is unconditional. Meanwhile, the real "Mr. Right" IS out there somewhere.

  19. wise choice not inviting him to the party. no one wants to date the guy who has less manners than their kids.

  20. Agree with Eric - getting out of your comfort zone is definitely not a bad thing. Happiness does come randomly knocking at your door from time to time, but if you don't open the door, invite it in, offer it a nice cup of tea and make pleasant conversation, it will just go away. You are way cool and he is obviously just not.

  21. Back before there was texting. I was all dolled up for my date ands sat around for hours till I finally gave up. Four days later..he pops by and acted as is there was no reason for me to be mad! That was the last time I saw him!

  22. As one of my favorite quotes states:

    Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

  23. Wow- that is such a let down. He had better have been unconscious in an ER somewhere- that is the ONLY excuse not to call if you aren't planning to show. As for eharm, I've been there and as a result have been on zero dates. It ain't easy finding love out there. Good luck to you!

  24. To bad...sounded like it might have been least for a little while.

  25. Very bizarre. If he wasn't interested in lunch, you would think he would have dropped it after the first mention. Maybe he has amnesia and is wandering around town somewhere looking for you??

    Carry on. You are better off without him.

  26. Oohh. :-( The romantic in me hopes he has a good excuse, (something like...his phone fell in the toilet, AT&T couldn't hook up the house phone, he got so sick he couldn't borrow a phone and your phone number was only plugged into the phone that fell into the toilet in the first place) and you decide to forgive him and he turns out to be Mr. Perfect after all. Oh, wait, sorry this IS a real life blog and not an actual soap opera, isn't it? But do let us know if this scenario plays out, ok? :-)

  27. Wanker. I like it.

    Don't despair. I met my husband on eHarmony was too expensive. And, rather bogus, as I've tried their free weekends. Our profiles might have been an exact match, but it didn't take into account the little deal-breakers like smoking, excessive drinking and anti-gunners :)

    Step outside your comfort zone again; it's a good, good thing.

  28. That is so, so strange... I don't get it. It seems that women always do everything to make it easy as pie for men to play their part (at least, I think you handled this one brilliantly - and frankly, I think it was slightly inconsiderate of him to still want lunch on Friday) and yet they just never seem to get it, do they? I'm very much inclined to agree with Chrissy. Forget, move on. :o)

  29. Oh Nancy... just like everyone else says. You're lovely and it's his loss. :)

  30. That's really too bad:( I'm sorry things didn't work out. Keep your chin up though and do continue to do brave things! When you're brave you get more opportunities. I really liked Cyndi's quote (would love to know who said it) and I have one for you as well;

    "resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die"
    - Carrie Fisher

    Don't stay angry, just brush it off! I know..easier said than done.

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. It really meant a lot! I'm not too sure if you have read them all yet (as you mentioned that you planned too)but please keep in mind that I'm really NOT always that way. What you read there are the things that I can't tell people. October was a particularly hard month but I'm hoping November will be better:)

    I love, love, love your stories! xo

  31. You know what? It is really good that this happened so quickly. After all, what if you started going out and things were going well and then he revealed that he is a total jerkface? Then it would have been painful, not just disappointing. I speak from experience. Good luck!

  32. I am sick to my stomach about this.

    Comments to the comments:
    LOVE "Wanker"! It's very fitting.
    Love the quotes by Cyndi and Blissseeker. Perfect!

    Now to add my own... I'm reminded of that "Seinfeld" episode where Elaine gets a new phone number and the phone guy is in her apartment and she says "You know I could kill you and no one would know." To which he replies "You know I could kill YOU and no one would know." Have you checked your local Obits.

    Seriously though, how long were you supposed to wait for lunch?
    Goodbye. Done. No excuse. I could almost see a day going by if there was an emergency but 5 days? It's not just rude, it's bizarre. Could you imagine the odd excuses coming your way if there was to be a relationship? If he ever does show up, RUN! This guy's a nut case.

    Now as for you. You're fab! I know this to be true and I haven't even met you! Don't give Love a second thought. It's coming! And it will be driving a navy blue Range Rover - far more secure (I didn't want to say it before but the black Escalade screams compensating for my "short"comings) ;-).

  33. way rude indeed, maybe he went to lunch with the phone tech instead....grrrr
    Oh well, everything happens for a reason, just not sure what the heck to blame him on?

  34. I'm hoping he has a good excuse, maybe? It just doesn't make sense....

  35. You and your commenters are insensitive and cruel. Obviously, the dude was kidnapped by the AT&T guy and all you're doing is calling him names.

    For shame, Nancy, for shame.

  36. That's to bad. On another note, I do hope you had a great Halloween party and I enjoy your blog.

  37. WHat a prick. Good thing you didn't invite him to the party; he would have been a complete waste of space.

  38. Well that sucks! But I wouldn't totally discard EHarmony. My best friend got on it after her divorce. She met a few nice guys; including the one she's going to marry in May! ;-) And believe me, he's a keeper!

    Also, my aunt met her husband on

    I mean, you're already venturing out of your comfort zone, it might be worth a shot!

    Good luck


  39. man, that sucks....why do guys have to be such dickheads....seriously, just grow up and act like a man....oh, wait, that doesn't always work either.....okay, how about grow up and be a HUMAN.....Wouldn't it be cool if he knew about your blog and just read all of the stuff in your blog and ALL of the comments by your bloggy friends? That would be his 'just desserts'! Obviously not a quality man, no matter what he drives, eh?

    Keep putting yourself out will happen....(I hate it when people say that to me, but, it's true, can't hide.....)


  40. What a dick! Men, men, men, I don't know why they have the nut sack when it's us gals who have the balls. Ugh! You're better off without that loser. Can't even man up enough to MAKE A DATE. Double UGH!!!

  41. See? They all agree with me.


  42. Who needs him ??? You are probably too good for him anyhow!!

  43. Do you know his last name that you could check the obits? Because that would be the only good reason he could possibly have for not responding. You are definitely better off. But sorry it didn't work out. That really bites.

  44. K. Maybe the AT&T dude zapped his phone into some Mars-only orbit?
    Maybe he's been so ashamed that he can't think of what to say next?
    Maybe he's a dick and we go with eharmony?

  45. Man, it's hard; isn't it?
    I want a guy, but who needs crap like that. I agree with one of the 1st commenters: WAAANKER!
    Clearly you're too spectacular for him, and much better off w/o him.

  46. I feel like I'm making the same comment on a ton of blogs tonight, but my work computer won't allow me to view/post inline comments and since our youngest just turned four months and is sleeping better now, I can actually turn on my laptop and surf at night again. Tonight is the first time in over four months that I've been able to do that.

    Enough of that tangent. I wanted to say that I've been following along silently from my work computer over lunch; the one that won't let me speak to your blog. It's a bitch; I've named it Sybil after the "Fawlty Towers" character; it's matching scanner is "Manuel." If you know the British show it's funnier.

    Regardless, I've been following your exploits with this guy and I agree, Dick is too soft (pun entirely intended). Shake it off, blog it off, and move on. If he's not willing to show the courtesy and take the initiative, you don't want him around.

    By the way, thanks for all the great recommendations for other blogs; I'm following at least three that you've suggested.


  47. What a jerk. I don't get it, what is this new phase. Common courtesy has blown out the window. My daughter is 24 and also struggles, she has tried e-harmony luck. It is slim pickins out there...I think staceyjwarner is right. A dating blog sounds like the answer...

  48. I read Debbie's comment above and HOWLED!

    Because she's absolutely right!


    I admire you so much Nancy, for putting yourself out there and making the effort. It's HIS loss.

    And to echo Chrissy....DICK.

  49. Here's what happened: I broke into his home and strangled him to death with a pair of your dainties. I told you I'm a jealous blogger, Nancy.

  50. Okay, wait everyone. First thing I thought of was that the AT&T guy killed him. Then I thought, nah. But maybe I'm naive, or maybe it's because I'm a Libra, but I'd like to hear his side of the story. Yeah, it was rude not to get back to you. Could there have been a sudden death in the family? I know, I know. I'm nuts. You're all probably right. He's a dick, wanker, whatever. I always want to see good in everyone. Can you all tell that I didn't date much, got married young, etc., etc.? LOL!

    Nancy, hope someone comes along that deserves YOU! Good luck!

  51. i have to admit -- and i know i'm in the minority here -- but i think that seems awfully odd, and i might be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. i think he DID want to call you in case you were blowing him off, and he set up plans right away. why go to all that trouble and then go mia? is it possible that something really came up? or am i just super gullible?


  52. Maybe he lost his cell phone so that he lost your number to contact you or something happened to him, car accident or...

    But if he was indeed a rude guy, you will be lucky to know him so quickily.

  53. Nooooooo! I wanted this to work out for you, and for your readers who hoped to see romance blossom here. When I read that he didn't call, it jarred me; I realized the same thing happened to me years ago. He turned up a week later with a B+ excuse--not perfect, but credible enough that I gave it another shot. All the best, and please keep us posted!

  54. My best friend used eharmony and got married after three months, got divorce after four months. Turned out she was a witch, literally.

    Mr. handsome sometimes is not good enough. Look for Mr. Romantic or Mr. Gentleman.

  55. He's a dick. Unfortunately it doesn't surprise me, I would be if you saw him today he would try and blow it off like it never happened and not get why you would be pissed off. Love the comments here. I've tried e-harmony and, I would advise you not to waste your money. Mr. Romantic or Mr. Gentleman, or Mr. Handsome are nice but you deserve those with a healthy dose of Mr. Smart thrown in. Everyone keeps telling me to stop looking it will find me, at the rate that plan is going I'll be long dead before it does. I agree with the dating blog, how fun would that be! If he comes around, let your dogs go pee on his leg.

  56. You had me at "free drink". He's obviously into handsome dudes, too.

  57. Your rabbit's foot is working just fine! It's doing a great job of keeping unavailable/undesirable men from blocking your path to happiness. I wouldn't have bothered with that text you sent on Tuesday but at least his non-response to even that confirmed that he is not a suitable choice. Next!

  58. @the break-up coach - I agree with you, I probably shouldn't have sent that last message...but I sent it to let him know that I knew he f'ed up.

    And yeah, no response. Sometimes silence CAN be golden!

    I am SO loving that quote: Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

    I might have that tattoed somewhere.

    @Carlos - strangled? You'd do that for little ol me?

    Thanks everyone! YOU continue to make my day!

  59. You can slap some rouge and lipstick on a pig but he's still a pig. This bag of Summer's Eve seems to have let potential greatness pass him by. What a fool.

  60. Oh grrr. I HATE when that happens. Total idgit he for blowing it like that.

  61. I connected to you from another blog. I read only this entry.

    - these are just viewpoints not absolute truth

    - e-harmony? try going to high end charity events to meet men instead.

    - you googled a guy you met? I thought that was funny .... but I have dated women that spent the time to hire pvt investigators... LOL.

    - i like your blog any woman that is into reading atlas shrugged should not have problems finding men... I would think. But I would stay away from the libertarian groups to find them.

    You have a great blog .... but you knew that already.

    Best regards

  62. *sigh*

    While I'm sad for you, it's nice to hear I'm not the only one meeting wankers. My experience is that you will hear from him again, in a week or so...when he's not "busy"

    My advise? Tell him you don't date wankers...

    good luck <3

  63. Okay...we officially hate him. How DARE he! There is NOTHING he could say that could explain this away! What happened to common courtesy? What happened to civility? Decency?

    We spit on this man! (PATOOHEY!)

    If you hear from him again (which you probably will), I'd let him go through his whole litany of explanations/excuses...and then I'd calmly say, "I don't think so."


  64. Here is my sentiment on men: They are one because they have one.It's your choice which part of his anatomy I am refering to. Plain simple. I could rag forEVER but I won't. Sorry for the let down. But I think you played it out correctly, for what it is worth. There are other fish in the massive ocean of men and I have been told they are not all like him! Hope you have a grand weekend! Cheers! =0)

  65. That's really too bad, but better he show his true colors from the get go and not months down the road..... I think his behavior is selfish and rude ~ why do some men think this is acceptable?? Makes me shake my head...

    Have a great week-end Nancy!

  66. Maybe he stole your candy!
    Sunny :)

  67. I agree that rude is rude, regardless of gender. It takes approximately five seconds to text a quick apology. Though apparently, a considerable amount of common courtesy and chivalry.

  68. I am sure you get readers/followers/commenters whom you've never met or known. Great entry, sad to say people can be rude (in general) especially a guy who has other agendas on his mind who can't be bothered to let you know he isn't interested.

    I don't like bursting out of my comfort zone much, I guess you don't either. I am sure you will find a wonderful single man, I don't advertise that I am single but I am.

    There are probably a thousand reasons it ended up being this way no matter how hurtful it may be; it probably was for your own good. Try again, if you fail next time TRY harder and a different approach and you may succeed!

    I enjoy your blog, keep it up :)

  69. Although I am very sorry that this has happened to you! I have to say I am not surprised at all. Story of my life. My best advice. Rent the movie He's Just Not That Into You. If you have already seen it... watch it again. This movie is my bible these days!

    I consider myself somehwhat of on internet dating expert (not at all proud of that). In my personal experience... E-Harmony blows! Don't waste your money hun!

  70. Honestly, when he texted you "ur cute" I knew he wasn't the one. Seriously, what grown man texts like a girl in the 7th grade. Most phones have full keyboards. If he can't be bothered to write a complete sentence, then he's not worth it.

    I only didn't mention it two weeks ago in case I was wrong. Sorry. worked me. My husband & I have been married for 5 years. There is hope!

  71. @pine lakes - You know, I thought the same thing, but dismissed it. I've got an iphone so I type REAL sentences (unless I'm being lazy when I might put a 2 in place of too, etc.)

    Who knows.
    It is VERY odd.

  72. Why do people do that? if he felt it was too late by the time AT&T had finished he could still have called and told you, asked if you minded rescheduling, much better than just the cold treatment. You are better off without a jerk like that. And get the new Rabbits foot, that one is definately passed the sell by date.

  73. Hey Nancy You have an award at my place. Come on my by for a glass of Lemonade!
    Cheers, K=o)

  74. I'm with Chrissy on this one: DICK!!!!

    You're clearly an amazing woman.. Don't bother with the likes of this idiot!!!!!!!!!!


  75. He' a complete asshole! and i hope by some freak coincidence he reads this blog and figures out its him! serves him right!

  76. I glanced through the comments on the way down to the submission box here, and this dude is quite unpopular among your readers. That includes this one. There's no reason to blow someone off like that. How do you do that to an awesome lady such as yourself? Someone needs to punch him in the balls.


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