Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one more cocktail party...

I'm throwing a party!
An awards party to be exact! So c'mon in, settle down and grab a cocktail...

Okay, so it's not noon yet where I am, so I have a chai instead. Just grab a beverage of choice, and settle on in and we'll get started.


I was recently the honoured recipient of several awards from some really wonderful bloggers that I would like to acknowledge and then pass on to others that are more deserving that I.

The first one comes from Dan. at Vacant Mind. He thinks I'm Fabulous!

Darlhrlink, I never knew? *wink, wink*
Dan always amuses me with some wonderful insights and humor. Please do go and check out his blog. You'll be glad you did. I know I you will be too! Trust me on this.
The rules for this little award is to give 5 current obsessions and to pass it on to 5 other bloggers who are also 'fabulous'. So let's see...what are my obsessions this week. (you know they change, don't you?)

1. Raking leaves.
We have a annual leaf pickup in my community and they travel up and down the streets with these big trucks and suck all the leaves off the treelawn. My timing is usually off. I either get them out there too early and it burns the grass from having them piled up there, waiting...too long. Or I hear the trucks on the street and I'm frantically raking and blowing the leaves to beat their passing me by. I've been watching and I think I have it timed right this year. We'll have to see...

2. Rock & Rye.
I went to the Melting Pot for dinner last week. (Great, by the way) We stopped by the bar on before leaving to watch a little of the game. The bartender, Kellie, bought us a shot. I'd never had it before. Rock & Rye. It's whiskey blended with rock candy and fruit. Sounds weird, tastes great. But I now need some aspirin...

3. Napping.
There's nothing like an afternoon nap. If I can squeeze them in. It's a sorry state of affairs when once up you already start thinking about when it'll be nap time. What can I say? Just don't call around 2...'cuz I won't answer the phone.

4. BigMac's.
I shouldn't eat them, but when you get a Mac attack, you gotta listen! Somehow I think the current Mac attack I'm having ties itself to the Rock & Rye. And probably the nap gets tied in there as well. Hmmm.

5. Bonfires.
Something about bundling up on a chilly evening throwing logs on a outside fire is quite zen like. I could stare into a good fire for hours. The weather this fall has been quite good at cooperating and we've enjoyed some rousing flames. You can always smell a bonfire in the air. I like it when the neighbors pop over, "Hey, we smelled the fire, what's in the cooler?" Insta-party.

And now, the five recipients that I think are fabulous!

1. John at Ride My Mind. He's one of my new favorites! I even have him now on my sidebar so I won't miss any postings!

2. Sondra Stinglash at Callithump Thunderblog. She's got some really good humor. Always an enjoyable read.

3. Kfred at Flatline Thinking. He's off the wall in a beautiful sort of way. Go look see, and tell me what you think.

4. Leah over at Funny is the New Young. I love in her profile she states that she's vertically challenged. She's pretty damn funny...

5. Shell at Everything is Better on a Stick. Go say "Hi". A fellow Ohioan, he's got some great things to say. We just need some people to listen!


The second award comes from KaLynn at Kacklin' with KaLynn. She's a new bloggy friend but has commented on just about every post Ive made since we 'found' each other! Isn't that fun?

The rules with this one are that I pass it onto some new bloggers that I have recent;y discovered. I will pass it onto 5 newbies that I enjoy reading.

1. C.J. Koster at Mr. Teacher Man. I never tire of C.J. I mean seriously, how could you?

2. SuziCate at The Water Witch's Daughter. I love the look of her blog. I love the title of her blog. She's pretty damn cool. Like water...

3. Joshua at The Technical Parent. He too is a new bloggy. We've all been there. Go check him out.

4. Cyndi at Take Note. Clever and honest, she sometimes says what I've thought but didn't say. Did that make sense? Mind meld with me here...

5. Mike at DigitalMCS. He just got engaged! He's rather funny...and he gives me compliments on comments. Flatery will get you anywhere...

Click on each.

Thank you.


And pausing ever so slightly to announce the third award. This also comes from KaLynn. (She's obviously been stockpiling her awards over there and has been so generous by sending a few my way.) Fact is, both that she sent to me I hadn't seen before! So these are new special beauties that I can now prominently display in my cabinet of awards!

The rules are pretty simple (as great lemonade is!) . Link back to the giver of said giver of lemonade and then pass it onto other bloggers with great attitude or gratitude!

The blogs that I choose for this award are:

1. Chrissy at IShouldBeenAStripper. Not only is she my best friend, but she got me into this whole blogging arena. Add to that she doesn't already have this award and she's been given a huge dose of lemons in her personal life as late...she needs a lemonade stand. SHE is the grand master of great attitude. Love ya' Chrissy.

2. Menopausal New Mom. A new blog for me, but from what I've read so far, I'm going to enjoy this one!

3. Julie at At home with Myself. You might have seen her as my Follower of Note last week. If you missed her, go take a look. She's beautiful, smart AND witty!

4. Poems by me. I'm not always a big fan of poetry, but I like the way she writes. I hope you do too!

5. Judge Fudge at I don't know you but I probably don't like you. Now normally with a blog title like that you might think, "How does this guy have positive attitude?" Check him out and you'll see. The title does not reflect the person...:-)

The past two awards didn't tell me HOW many people to pass it onto. So I suppose you can use as many or as few as you'd like. I like the number 5. Can you tell?


The next award is from Chandni at Life, Through my Eyes. She honing her writing craft. She's quite the artist. Go check her out!

The rules with this little award are to list 7 things which nobody knows about me. Hmmm. Since I've listed things that no one knows in the past, you might already know these! But I'll give it a shot.

Remember, I don't answer to keep those thoughts from your mind.

1. I have a morning routine that uses not one, but six different creams for my face and body. That's alot of counter space, yes.

2. I have a stash of 'snacks' in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. Sssshhhh. Don't tell anyone.

3. When I buy new shoes, I walk around the house in them first. I hate it when I see people that can't walk properly in their new (or old for that matter) shoes. If I can't walk in them, but they look fab...they go back.

4. I hate word verification when leaving comments. I've only gotten a handful of Spam, but that's why the trash icon is there! You don't like the comment, delete it. I can't tell you how many times I haven't gotten the letters right and lose the comment. I won't bother to go back and try again.

5. I'm horrible at saving presents. I bought a Christmas present for my daughter yesterday and was so excited I went ahead and gave it to her. Ooops.

6. I lost my daughters second hampster. I left the top off it's cage by accident. I don't know whether it got out or the cat got it...but it's gone. Double oops.

7. I like a little coffee with my sugar. Thick, rich, sweet. Like the kind I had in Cuba. Yummm.

And I will pass this Kreative number onto:

1. Shannon at Recovery From a Life Not Lived. I like to compare my "been there done that' list with hers...

2. Pines Lake Redhead. I love her comments, her posts, her blog. Okay?

3. Pseudonymph at Rad Mamblings. She just, frankly, keeps me entertained. A hard feat, I might add.

4. Living on the Spit. I love the photography in this blog. Just go see...

5. Jennifer at Momma Made It Look Easy. I like to grab a cup of tea and see what their up to. It's cozy. You'll kike it.

6. CAM at MoonScribble. You just never know what you'll find. But I usually kike it.

7. Adventures in Dating (and life) Single Mommy Style. She just flat out cracks me up.


So thanks to Dan, KaLynn and Chandni for my new banners of adoration! I love them!

I will keep them, and care for them and polish them when needed. It's nice that you thought of me. But damn, is it hard to abide by all these rules! The best thing about getting the awards is to pass them on. It's a wonderful little blogosphere in which we write and really neat how interconnected we all are.

Enjoy your new reading list! There's alot of new ones there!

Phew. That was alot of work! Nap time? Cocktail time? Nah...

Now, I've got to go out a rake a few more leaves...


  1. Great blog, as a new blogger I enjoy getting some recommendations for other wonderful blogs to read. Thanks, have fun raking, then take a nap.

  2. Wow. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

  3. I'm honored! Thanks! I'm a newbie to the awards thing. It may take a few more brain cells than I currently have functioning to figure out what I'm suppose to do next.

    Excellent point about the word verification though. I think I'll go remove it from my blog now.

  4. Ahh-- leaf raking! One of life's simple pleasures-- right up there with napping!

    So thanks a bazillion for my award! It means a lot coming from you, because I really love your writing, and have great respect for your viewpoint. I am humbled and honored! I'll try to live up to the spirit and the letter of it.

  5. Wow! Congratulations on receiving so many great awards! And of course for presenting one to me! Thank you so much, there is nothing better than getting recognized by other bloggers! I'm thrilled!

  6. Wow...I am overwhelmed and honored! I hope I did what I was supposed to do. Thanks bunches!

  7. Hey Nanc, thanks for the shout-out! Unfortunately, this act is the cause of some concern. Though grateful for the recogntion, I am worried about the ramifications.

    The idiot staff got wind of it and 2 of them have already mentioned the need for a raise. I pointed out that they are compensated in direct correlation to their meaningful contributions and based on their activty to date, I forsee some sort of adjustment to their compensation around the year 2013. Of course, everything is negotiable. Perhaps, I could loan them out to you with the leaf collection duties and this would fulfill their community service obligation.

  8. Great blog recs; I just added a few to the reader. Congrats on being the award queen. The Water Witch's SuzyCate just passed along the one you gave her to me, so I should be thanking you as well!
    I too, have many creams for the bod. We must do what we can, no?

  9. Thank you so much Nancy,for this award and the recognition. Yours is one of my favorite blogs and you are definitely one of the best writers around. Thanks again, this means a lot and congrats to the rest of you who I will be checking out very soon. This is very cool.

  10. Nancy,
    Congratulations on your awards and I am humbled, honored, (and ok, jumping up and down with excitement)to have received one from you. can't wait to check out you recommendations.

    Thank you!

  11. Congratulations.

    Word verification explains a lot. ;)

  12. Congrats!! :) You deserve them all

  13. congrats on your much deserved awards! love reading your blog :-)

  14. Congratulations on all your wonderful awards... well deserved! :-)

  15. Congrats on the great awards and all of them are well deserved. Love your list of recipients. I know several and am looking forward to meeting the others.

  16. Loads of new blogs to read - hooray!!

  17. All those new people, I'm going to be busy all night. Hubby's supper..mmm grab a sandwich!

    Congrats to you and your winners!

  18. I appreciate the award and the rec. Now I just hope I can live up to it. Thanks again! I'll let you know how the bread pudding comes out and let you know the recipe. With only 6 base ingredients plus flavoring, I can't imagine it will be difficult.


  19. I feel the same way Joshua. Along with the joy of being reconized and endorsed by Nancy, I now feel like I have to produce some good stuff as to not tarnish her judgement and reputation 8)

  20. K I can't save presents either. or wrap them. So I just give them out.

  21. Speaking of awards...I have one for you. (:

  22. Hi Nancy, Coming over from Marlene's place. Congratulations on all of your awards and to all the other recipients! Your blog really is fabulous!

  23. Look at you go!! You deserve each and every one of those awards ~ I love your writing and look forward to each and every post.

  24. I do love how you 'pay it forward.' Some of the blogs you noted are almost as good as yours. Thanks for sharing. I'm always grateful for new, interesting reads--Ride My Mind has been one of my favorites for a while as well, but I've found quite a few more.

    Thanks again! You are a wonderful writer and person.

  25. First of all, I say it is always noon somewhere so drink up. Congrats on all the awards. I have a bunch of new blogs to go check out. This may take me a few days.

  26. Well I've always considered those little emoticons to be kinda kitch but really needed the techno-ability to conjure one up...I'm reading down your list going "ooohh...look at all these awesome blogs to go have a look at tonight" and up pops mine...thank you and I'm sorry I don't have a kitchy shocked/grinning/blowing kiss type emoticon to share for the occasion. Wow...I'll go hand the laundry out, such a mundane task to glow through :)

  27. new blogs to read, these are a few of my favorite things

  28. Happy to have your recommendations. And thanks for having me at your party!

  29. I have found a lot of blogs through the comments on your page. Now I have a list of new ones to stalk. Congratulations on the awards!

  30. Wow!!!

    I totally wasn't expecting this (as I take out my acceptance speech...) I'd like to thank the academy...

    In the words of Sally love me, you really love me!!

    And I am honoured. It is just so important for us single ladies to unite in our misery. Wait...I'm not's also fabulous because when we unite we realize we're not so crazy, we're not so alone, and dammit we're pretty effin' awesome :)

    Well, the band is playing...just hand me my award, and I'll be on my way! And thanks again

  31. BRAVA Nancy!!!!

    Woo! Woo! Woo!


    You always do such a beautiful and heartfelt presentation of sharing these awards with others!

    Cheers to you, my friend!

    And congrats to all your recipients!

  32. go ahead with all your awards!
    your blog rocks and you totally deserve each of them.

    also, I hate word verification.
    and I'm dying to try rock and rye.
    and big macs are best the "morning after"

  33. Thanks for the award though I hardly think it's deserved. Though greatly appreciated. I kinda suck. But I can't thank you enough for believing in my suckiness. Full stop.

  34. I, too, love naps and find a Big Mac-esque food will put me there. On a completely irrelevant note, you shouldn't eat McDonald's. It's a wicked corporation that breeds viral capitalist values and puts ground babies in their meat. It's true.

  35. WOW! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this. I have MANY pieces to catch up on, but I will get there! I've missed you. Stay real sister sledge and keep writing. =)

    PS: I want a big mac.

  36. I had my last Big Mac attack the day I had my first In N Out Double Double.

    Nuff said.

  37. thanks honey for acknowledging the award... U truly deserve it...

    and this post has really helped us know more about you.. Good way of giving awards

  38. WOWEE! Thanks, Nancy! I'm so glad you gave me the lemonade stand award! I'm a complete "make lemonade when you are given lemons" person! (But I guess lemonade-cocktails are even better... hmmm.)

    Looking forward to "raking through" all the new fabulous reads you recommend and totally removing word-verification from my blog - just for you!

    Big hugs.

  39. Reading list? No, it's a procrastination helper, and I appreciate it because I didn't feel like doing much work for the next two weeks, but I'd love to sit and read for days. Thank you! :) ;) (Which one is the true smilie? Only individual interpretation determines the correct answer.)

  40. Congratz for the awards. And thank you for sharing all those blogs, I found a couple more interesting writers to follow. :)

  41. Hey Nanshy! S'byoootiful partee! *wonders how many cocktails he's had?* Congratulayshuns! *falls behind sofa* Oooh, Louboutins! *zzzz* Innigo

  42. Congratulations on receiving so many awards!

    You deserve them all - I admire your writting.

  43. Congratulations! When you host your next cocktail party, I have another "gift" waiting for you on my blog.

  44. CONGRATULATIONS on all of your awards, I must say that they are well deserved. I have enjoyed attending your awards show...I hope your chai was delicious!
    I'll be reading... :)

  45. Thanks for all the great recommendations. And I haven't had a Big Mac since I gave up meat 16 years ago but I crave one EVERY single time I wake up with a hangover--which isn't too often but frequent enough that I still have the memory of what they taste like burned into my mind.

  46. Planning for afternoon naps in the morning? As my son would say, "It's funny 'cause it's true".
    I'm planning one now.

    Congrats on all your awards and your generosity in paying it forward. I'm going to check out those blogs for sure!

  47. Congratulations! I will make sure I check out some of the blogs you've listed!


  48. Do you have any idea how long it will take a person to get through all these great blogs. Thanks for the recommendations. Thanks again for the award!

  49. i love reading your blog, it gives me a giggle and has inspired me. i am new to blogging and you blog has helped give me the kick to start writing. i decided tostart where i am at and my blog reflects that. i will now get rid of the word verification thing, i was a bit unsure about it and lost a comment yesterday so ta again for the insight. please checkout my bloggy efforts, i have two followers; hubby and bestie.

  50. Hi, I'm being incredibly random, but given that I didn't know seven people, YOU WIN AN AWARD! Come check it out! No, I'm not kidding.

  51. I suppose you're tired of getting awards but I got one more for you!


  52. Damn, is there an award you haven't been given???

  53. *blush*
    You guys....

    I feel all warm and fuzzy by your comments!
    Or is that the wine...

    Who cares! Thanks for coming to the party! And it was such a good one, I'll be throwing another soon. Some people brought party favors in the form of NEW awards!

    And Julie ~ I Do think there are some out there. But I'm just happyto have these!!!


    Love ya' all!

  54. Stopping over on Heather's recommendation. Congrats on the awards, lots of new blogs linked on my first visit here. I better go pur me a glass of wine and settle in.

  55. Whoa. Heaps of peeps to visit here...

  56. Nancy,
    I really enjoyed your list, I found you via Heather at Welch Happenings.

    You have a great group of blogs. Thanks for all the awards! I visted them all, they are well deserved.


  57. Wow Nancy! Congratulations! Every award, totally deserved. You are an awesome writer and all around great person. Kudos!

  58. I can relate to your idea of the big mac attack more along the lines of a In n out burger double double. I am mostly vegan so I just avoid the thoughts of foods like that at all. Your blog is fun and easy as always I expect awards will keep coming.

  59. Congratulations on all your new awards, Nancy! I can't think of a more deserving writer....and congrats to all the recipients! More great reads! Hooray!

  60. Geez, you'll have to build an addition for all these awards! Congrats!

  61. Thanks for the award!! I'm gonna go check out these other folks.


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