Monday, July 27, 2009

an addict in need of therapy...

I think I need some counseling. Or therapy. Or a therapist...
Perhaps a mixture of all three.

I am an addict.
Yes. I've said it. It's out there. No taking it back now.

"Hi. I'm Nancy...(cue applause) I'm an addict."
"Hi Nancy!"

I'm addicted to buying things online.

Oh, so sorry. You thought this was going to be juicy. Get some dirt on the Nanster. It's nothing that great, sorry to disappoint. But, when I get a little depressed, I like to buy little trinkets online. Jewelry mostly. I like shiny things. And I like diamonds. And gold. I like and they like me...

Very much.

I used to just put the things I found pretty in my 'watchlist' just to see what they ended up selling for. Then I found myself buying things. They were such a great deal. Then I got hooked.

But when you start setting your alarm so you can wake up in the middle of the fringin' night for an auction closing?...that's when it's time to talk to someone about a problem about to explode.

Recession? Cut backs? Pleazzzzeeeee. I'll hear nothing of the sort. Not when that super gorgeous 3 stone diamond ring is presently selling for a mere $1500 when it's valued at $14000. I mean, wouldn't that just look grand on me?

I know. I already have a bunch of jewelry that I don't even wear. I've still got my wedding ring that is quite stunning. I feel a little funny wearing it (since I'm no longer married) but I did wear it to my mothers funeral and I have to admit, I saw several people checking it out. It's not a traditional wedding set, but a custom made yellow gold ring with four matching princess cut square diamonds across the top and four radiant diamonds on the Grecian sides. It's rather spectacular...but such a waste to leave in my jewelry box. I don't really want to sell it, nor remake it. I figure I'll give it to my daughter someday. But every so often, I do pull it out to wear.

If anyone in my neighborhood has some fancy event to go to, they always call me for accessories. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, evening bags...I have them all. I like them. I collect them. I used to use them, but I no longer get dressed up very often to use the things I've acquired over the years. Dangling diamond earrings just don't cut it at the Brew Kettle. The Ritz perhaps, but not at the local pub.

I sometimes wish I still had the life that went with my jewelry box. Room service while on business trips. Waiters by the pool. But that's a thing of the past.

I suppose that I should maybe sell a few of my items and stash the cash away because of today's market. But I'll hold on to them. I like to pull them out to look at every so often. They send rainbows of light across the dressing room. It's a beautiful sight.

The other day I had to educate my daughter and her friends that when they play dress up, they need to stay out of my jewelry box. They have a jewelry box full of rhinestones that they can play with. But one day they were playing dress up and put on a little show. I watched and enjoyed it, but afterwards had to collect the things they had found to put on.

They had mixed with the rhinestones some of my diamond bracelets, necklaces and antique diamond brooches. They didn't know the difference and were treating them like the play jewelry. Little did they know that the bracelet was valued more than four of my mortgage payments.

Yet, here I sit. Typing on the laptop with the streaming on the desktop next to me. that's a pretty little necklace! And it's over 90% off!

Did I happen to mention that when I'm a little depressed? And when I'm depressed I like to buy pretty, bright, shiny things? Did I happen to mention that perhaps I might need a counselor or therapy or a therapist?

I much do those people cost? Maybe I could find them at 90% off as well?
Hell. Just hit the bid button. It's so much more rewarding...



  1. Okay, depending on how many times you have to go see the therapist could depend on whether or not the jewelry costs more or less.

    Not that I want to be an enabler, but everyone has their weaknesses. Yours just happens to be jewelry. It could be worse ya know? And jewelry is sooo pretty.

  2. P.S. Your daughter is adorable.

  3. Anytime you addiction gets so out of control that you have lots of spares .. Just send them over, I don't mind helping!

  4. @Theresa - Thanks! Isn't she adorable?! That was her debutante stare. That's what she named it...I almost peed my pants. Who knew she knew what a debutante was? And enable away...I'm actually frugal enough to hold back on larger pieces. But they are SOOOOO pretty.

    Oh, and thanks for your condolences on my mom. She really was a wonderful woman...if only I could be half as good.

    @Eternal - You got it! They have that website where people can 'rent' those expensive handbags...I should 'rent' out my jewelry! Fact is, when my friends and neighbors 'borrow' it for events I should charge a fee. That's pay for the nexdt shiny baubble.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Love the post! Remember it's only a true addiction if other things in your life are being neglected - as long as your daughter is being cared for and your mortgage is being paid, I say bid on, bid on my friend...

  6. You are so funny! That's why I've never started with the shopping networks on TV; I'm afraid I'd get addicted.
    Love that your daughter used your baubles for dress-up!

  7. According to my extensive research (okay, so I checked the dictionary in Word), one of the descriptions for addiction is: Devotion. "Great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time is devoted."
    I believe what you have here is a "devotion". Now, isn't that a lovely word??

  8. I'm addicted to Earrings...will buy them even though I have no plans to wear them...

    That bidding thing that you do online sounds like fun :)

  9. Pah! Therapy is only for other those poor unfortunates who can't buy trinkets - and lot's of 'em!

    This is such a funny coincidence for me, only today did I become a SELLER (okay, potential seller, I have seven days for my auction to close) on ebay. Oh, you're not missing anything, it's pure junk I've put out there, just a way of testing the water out to see if people really WILL buy anything - grin. But hey, if they do - the world is my oyster! Woohoo..!

  10. Oh, I feel you sister. I stalk Kate Spade handbags on Ebay. I am currently watching (leering, ogling...) a red Quinn. Be not ashamed! Be proud! Of what? I'm not certain....

  11. Hmm. Not a small topic. Not at all. I too have a jewelry box from another life. And from some of my grandmother's even more other life. Yet I wear the same diamond studs almost every day. As for the purchases? Well, today I will show you how I surrender. But I find that in general blogging, and posting pictures of what I might want, helps in the saving-money-by-not-buying-things initiative.

  12. Oh no! I too have an addiction to online shopping. But you made me feel LOTS better because I buy clothes, not diamonds. So, yes, cheaper. Still though, it is OUT OF HAND when I am buying more hangers every week just to accomodate my newest purchases. I feel you! And thanks for joining my blog. I joined yours too. Love it!

  13. Hmmm, don't think this is a problem for you, yet...but please....don't set your alarm clock for an auction.

    I have my mothers wedding ring...simple 24 carrot gold band...I LOVE this ring more than any other piece of jewelry I have.

    When you give your wedding ring to your daughter she will love it...

  14. I can vouch for her addiction. Amelia looks so beautiful! Please promise me you won't enter her in any pageants, although she would be a shoo in!

  15. Now I can only picture you writing your blog posts with a collection of bejeweled rings and bracelets that would make a princess jealous. Positively blinged out with ice, as the kids say.

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable and reminds me of my niece.

  16. Women and their toys. haha

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  17. "I sometimes wish I still had the life that went with my jewelry box. Room service while on business trips. Waiters by the pool. But that's a thing of the past".

    Wow, that sentence hit me hard in the gut. I used to also have such a life as the CEO of a public company. The trips, parties, fundraisers. Now I have thousands of $$$ of cool clothes, shoes and jewelry and spend the majority of my time in jammies in front of my laptap.

  18. I could have written this post. It sounds just like my life. Love your blog. I added myself to follow. Stop by my blog for a visit sometime.

  19. Oh, honey you absolutely should wear that wedding ring. It sounds fabulous.

    And online shopping? At this point and in this economy I am sticking to the garage sales. :-) Not bound to find anything valuable, but when I find something cool?!! I break out the Dance of Second-Hand Victory.



  20. @Travel & Dive - Everything on the list taken care of; check. Bidding; check! I'll let you know what I win...

    @Maureen - even my daughter is getting in the act. She was 'watching' some items on ebay. God love her. That whole apple from the tree thing rings true in this household!

    @Kathryn - Ahhh, I like that. It's my 'devotion' to buying shiny things. Works for me! Sounds so much better than 'addiction'. Thanks for enabling me! :-)

    @kasabiangirl - I'll trade you some earrings for some bracelets. As long as I'm not making myself broke, I continue to collect the pretty evening bags. LOVE them!

    @Bunny Boiler - I've been selling some superfluous stuff on ebay as well. I used to do more, but now they've raised the fees so high it's just getting rid of it rather than making a mint. As long as it's out of the house....who cares! Ha!

    @Vanessa - Ogling is a good word for some of the items I'm watching. I like to call it a Wish List, but ogling DOES fit better!

    @LPC - Good point. I'll start posting the photos around the dressing room in the areas that the items WOULD have inhabited. It'd be like they were almost there! Or maybe I'll get tired of seeing them and won't want them anymore...such a tangled web. :-)

    @Musing of the Mrs. - Ha! CLOTHES take up more room than the diamonds do. I'm looking at it from a space needed perpective. :-)

    @Funny Girl - I've only set the alarm a few times (wink) and sometimes it's actually worked to my benefit. I mean really, who's up at 4am bidding on closing items? I have a ring of my mom's that I wear on a chain. Her fingers were WAY smaller than mine and I don't want to resize it because it would hurt the integrity of the ring. But it is one of my favorites as well. It's like a hug on a chain...

    @Chrissy - As long as we have a Voucher! No, I won't put her into the world of pagents. Too freaky for me (and her!) I love it when the girls play dress up. Absolutely love it.

    @Chris Hoke - sometimes all the Ice keeps me from typing as fast as my brain wanders. It's truly a bitch...:-)
    Thanks for the compliment on BooBear. She IS stunning, I agree!

    @C.J. Koster - Everyone needs a toy. Don't they? :-)

    @whysoserious - Thanks! Come back again!

    @ Peach tart - Jammie time is my favorite anyway. So I guess I didn't give up all that much. I went out to dinner the other night with friends and got dressed, in a dinner suit that I didn't think was all that outrageous. I mean, most everything I own is white, black or gray with some french blue shirts mixed in. But I had on heels and the girls were oohing and ahhing over how nice I looked. I thought, "I got to get out more...."! Thanks!

    @Rae - I'm following you now too! Thanks!!!

    @Pearl - Can you post a video of the Second hand Victory Dance? I'm sure it'd be the viral thing on Youtube! Plus, of course, I want to know that I doing it correctly! Ha!

    Thanks everybody for the comments! LOVE THEM!



  21. I can't help you with this problems. See I like shiny, pretty things too. Especially if they are discounted. We could start a support group though. :)

  22. LOL... you women and your shiny stuff. You crack me up. I'm glad it makes you happy, though. I wouldn't dream of trying to talk you out of buying more. I feel you should continue.

    Look how helpful I am! ;)


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