Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mark Highton-Ridley fine art photography...

There is a very talented photographer in England whose blog, Musing in Monochrome, I have been following. His work is comprised of high contrast photographs of which I have a particular liking to his black and white images. His are the types of imagary that I enjoy immensely. They has fabulous form...I mean, this guy is good.

You can go here to Marks main site and view the gallery. Trust me, it's time well spent. You'll be glad you did, and thank me for sending you.

Recently his work has been featured on some BBC Devon sites and is starting to get some recognition. He has an exhibition on Plymouth-Intimate glimpses currently hanging at the Martin Bush Studio Gallery. I wish I could go and see them in person, but unfortunately, I live on the other side of the pond!
I've spent quite a bit of time perusing his entire gallery or works. It's hard to decide on a favorite since they are all so stunning. The photo posted here (bad quality when I enlarged the thumbnail, so sorry) is called 'Mindful of Storms'. It'll look quite lovely in my office.

As an added bonus while visiting Mark, he is having a monthly giveaway! You can WIN one of his signed photographs! I would suggest that you enter. I think everyone should own one of his pieces, including me! However, your entering this drawing will limit my chances of winning one of my favorite photos, so perhaps you shouldn't go here and do it.
Of course, you know enough about me by now to know that I'm just kidding...
Good luck and enjoy your visit! I just love his stuff.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll win the drawing!
Congratulations Mark on your success!


  1. beautiful .... thanks so much for sharing :)
    loved it ... he is awesome no doubt abt it :)

  2. What a nice girl you are for giving Mark a shout out. I'm my way over there right now. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I just looked at some of his photos and they beautiful. His works have a very dramatic quality, he is very good. I wish I had the talent to capture that kind of imagery.
    Thanks for letting us know about his work.

  4. these are nice things...

    thanx for sharing !!!!

  5. I think I'm starting to see a theme with & white clothing....greyscale blog...hmmmmm. Do you dream in black & white too?
    For a second, I thought the photo above was going to have a ghost in one of the windows. Don't mean to has that eerie quality.

  6. Wow... that's pretty awesome. I'll definitely have to go check out his stuff.

  7. That is an awesome picture. Thanks for the heads up on the contest. =o)

    Sorry I havent been around as much, I have been on a roof for the past 7 days.


  8. Hi Nancy!

    Ok...this is yet another area where I see that you and I are alike in our taste in photography.

    *what is it about you and I and Black and White?

    I just got back from visiting his website I thought I was going to DIE! Holy cow...I couldn't decide which one I liked best. I think "Walking the Dogs" was perhaps my favorite. His photography has such incredible TEXTURE. He's truly a very talented artist. I made sure to place his website on my favorites so I can visit him often.

    BRAVO Mark!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Nancy!

    I really enjoyed it!

  9. Interesting photography. Thanks for making us aware of this unique blogger :)

  10. HI Nancy - I'm a new follower of your blog. It's great. Also thanks for the link - Marks' stuff is excellent!

    Holli in Ghana

  11. Thanks for sharing, just been looking at Marks'work. Some great pictures, so atmospheric and powerful in Black and White.
    Am loving your blog by the way.

  12. Hi everyone - firstly, a big thank you to Nancy for all this publicity!

    And to all you kind folks here who have said such nice things about my work, thank you so much. I hope you will follow and perhaps enter my October freebie prize draw?


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