Friday, December 25, 2009

santa snow, please?...

I know I talk about my darling daughter...a lot. And I suppose I'm a little biased in my opinion of her.

But seriously, when you read the following letter written by her to Santa this year, you'll agree that she is just one amazing kid.

Dear Santa,

If anything, this year all that I really want for Christmas is for it to snow. I don't mean a thin layer of frost on the ground. I really mean SNOW! A big snow, the snow where theres enough snow that schools out. When every one is able to go across the street and have a snowball fight or build a snowman in their front yard. If you can't make it snow, then can I get something that is like a craft, or an art project. Something simmallar to that. Maybe a new sled, I'll exept anything you get me. Anything! Whatever you think I would like. If you can, please, LET IT SNOW!

-Thank you
With Love, Amelia


She's the best. I'm blessed to know her.
I don't question which list she's on. It's always on the Nice list.

I think this might be the last year she is a 'Santa' believer. Some of the other kids at school are already on the non-believer sideline. She and I cry at the end of the movie Polar Express when some people can't hear the bell. Because you can't hear the sleigh bells if you don't believe...

The year it came out I managed to procure one of the coveted silver bells and golden ticket as a Christmas present. It was Bears favorite gift. She keeps them in her room year round and pulls the bell down from it's shelf from time to time to hear it's gentle ringing.

I love sitting in my office, which is across the hall from her room, and hear that ring.
It reassures me that she's so good. Still innocent. Still young. And young at heart.

I'm still young at heart.
I can still hear the ring.
I try to hold onto the view of a child, to see things in their simplistic form as a child would. Life is too fleeting for all the nonsensical things adults ponder. All the undue stress that we place upon ourselves. If only for a moment to allow the wonder of the season take all our worries away. And let us dream of lists made for Santa.

One of her school friends asked her, "Do you still believe in Santa?"

"Yes." my little one replied.

"I do too." said Lucy.

"I don't. There isn't a Santa Claus. It's just a story. For babies." Chloe chimed in.

And with that, Amelia then hopped into my car to head home, leaving her school friends to debate the 'does he or doesn't he exist' on the sidewalk.

"Mommy, Chloe doesn't believe in Santa." she told me. She turned to face me in her seat and with sadness in her voice said, "Isn't that just Soooooo sad?"

"Yes, Baby. It is."

Our street has a yearly tradition. Some of the closest of our neighborhood friends gather and carol our street. The entire street sets out lanterns to light the walkways and we stroll between houses with our pathetic version of the Christmas classics. You'd think after all these years we'd sing like the Tabernacle choir. But we aren't that good and get off key, out of tune and mess up the chorus to almost each song. But we make merry and have a good laugh over our mistakes. Many at the houses we sing at have begun to expect us and offer us treats and libations.

Every year we make plans to amend our song books to list just the songs that we sing best and leave out the old ones that the little ones have trouble with. With each year we also say we will increase the font so our failing eyes can see it. And most importantly we will limit all songs to only one stanza. Trust me, no one wants to hear all 5 verses of God Rest ye Merry Gentleman. At least while we're singing.

Then we retire next door to continue our good cheer. We clap each other on the back, commend ourselves for our vocal abilities and wish each other a heartfelt Merry Christmas. It's good to have such wonderful neighbors that you can honestly call 'friends'.

And finally the end of evening draws to a close. We saunter back home to snuggle, relax by the fire and bask in the lights of our Christmas tree. We talk about Santa and never forget to leave out cookies and milk.

Once tucked into bed, we wait to see if indeed it will snow. A White Chrsitmas is always at the top of our list.
But it hasn't.
Not today.

Apparently Mother Nature wasn't cooperating with Santa when he asked her to make it snow for a little girl in Lakewood. It's rainy. And windy. And cold, but not cold enough for snow.

But Santa did bring her the sleds.
And some art things.
And alot of other things as well.

Ah, the beautiful wonder of Christmas. It's been a grand day.
Wouldn't it be nice to feel this loved all year....?


I hope, my friends, you all had a very, very Merry Christmas!


  1. Ohhhhh this is beautiful. This made me teary. Not only is this what Christmas is all about, it's what life is all about.

    Happy Merry Merry to you too!


  2. Hey Nancy! Bless her! A huge Happy Christmas (and wishes for snow) coming your way! With mistletoe. Indigo x

  3. Very beautiful! Innocence of a child is the best gift at Christmas...any time for that matter.

  4. Sorry Santa couldn't bring her the snow she wanted-- I can just totally understand her craving the stuff! But since she's a permanent member of the Nice List, I bet he was generous.

    Beautiful post-- and you're a terrific mom. Lucky little girl... I'm just saying...

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Ah, what a beautiful post, Nancy! May all your Christmases be as bright!

  6. Yeah, your daughter is intelligent and talented Nancy. Christmas should be all about love. Beautiful post!!

  7. Love this!!! Always tell her you believe and always tell her to believe. When my girls asked me about Santa (they are grown now) I always said we should believe and left it at that!! Never have told them any different. So even in the teens we still celebrated Santa!!

  8. What lovely sweetness and innocence. We'll try to sent some snow your way, just for her. Merry Christmas.

  9. I made sure that my guy got a little bell the year he first watched Polar Express, too. Sadly, it never meant as much to him as it does to your daughter. The image of you in your office hearing the bell ringing in her room is absolutely beautiful.

    Wishing you and your family peace & happiness. Merry Christmas.

  10. She is wise beyond her years, but yet innocent enough to believe!

  11. That is the sweetest letter to Santa. I'm just sad she didn't get her snow. But there's always next year.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. I work for the company that published Polar Express, and I spent a subsequent part of my July loathing The Polar Express promotion (those tickets are shockingly expensive to produce and the ship). It filled my heart with warmth to read that kids really do appreciate and enjoy the bells/tickets :)

  13. I wish I could have granted her her wish for is such a simple wish. What a lovely child you have.

    Merry Christmas!


  14. What a lovely, lovely post. May you have a lovely Christmas with family and friends, Nancy - and be proud! :o) Big hugs from Praha (where the snow came and went).

  15. How precious is that!!!!

  16. Hopefully it does snow.
    And I hope you and your daughter had a great Christmas over there! =)

  17. Oh how I wish I could send you some of ours! There's plenty at home in PA, and here in Chicago, where we're spending Christmas, it coming down in those big, beautiful flakes that make everything magic. If I could box it up and send it to your daughter, I would. Beautiful post. Have a lovely Christmas season and may the joy and love continue into the new year.

  18. I love how you remain young at heart. Your daughter is extremely lucky to have a mom like you. One that really understands the essence of the season.
    P.S special Christmas message for you at mine. It's a *cough* poem though but I do hope you read it.

  19. Merry Christmas to you too! Hugs,

  20. I visited my mommy in Oklahoma this year and woke up to a beautiful white Christmas. I had been tracking Santa's progress on the internet during Christmas eve while watching It's a Wonderful Life with my girlfriend and mom. It was one of the nicest Christmastimes ever. Sounds like yours was too. I'm glad your daughter still has that wonderful magic.

  21. Also wishing you a very merry xmas. x

  22. Absolutely beautiful. You are a lucky woman to have a daughter like that. Kinda makes me wish I could go back to that time in my life when things were that simple.

    Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas.

  23. Excellent post! I'm here getting caught up on my post holiday blog reading! Is there coffee?

  24. You have a good girl there Nancy and I love the story of the bell. It is truly a magical time of the year ~ so sorry snow was not in the forecast. Soon....

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  26. What a lovely letter. We got a blizzard around these parts. Hope you had a white Christmas for your daughter.

  27. What a gorgeous day! Your daughter is innocent and intelligent. I could imagine that you were snuggling, relaxing by the fire to wait for a white Christmas! Lovely!!

  28. I hated when the time came when the kids stopped beliving. That was so sad....

    That letter to Santa was adorable. Sorry it didn't snow by you. It snowed here in the Chicagoland area!

    The caroling sounds like fun - you have a great group of people around you.

  29. You know, even when she knows the truth, with you for a mom, she will still believe.
    What a great neighborhood you have!
    Good Karma Nancy!!

  30. That's a beautiful letter. I remember reading an older post of yours, did she write an essay for school? Anyway, I think she would be an amazing writer... like her mom. :)

    PS. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I appreciate it more than you know, because I admire your words and insight so much!

  31. An absolutely lovely and heartfelt story of the precious innocent letter of a child to Santa. Thank you for sharing. What a delightful daughter you have nurtured. May you both always believe in Santa.


  32. Hey sweetie!

    Hope you and Amelia have had a lovely holiday week...such a sweet letter! It sounds like she really understands the spirit of Christmas.

    I wish I could have sent you some of our snow....

  33. Snow will come because of the sled... crossing fingers for her =)

  34. What a fantastic and moving letter to Santa. Gives me great faith in the capabilities of young people as we are raising a toddler.

    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas Nancy and Happy New Year!

  35. A warm, comfy Christmas post to light up even the down time after holidays have passed... My 13 year old has never seen snow, and every year he tells us that for vacation, he just wants to go somewhere he can be in snow. Your little one is precious! Christmas is still fun even after Santa fades to imaginary.


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