Thursday, January 14, 2010

the Birth day...

I had a baby.
Well, I had a baby. Past tense.

Eleven years ago today.

Right now, eleven years ago I was watching a ProAm golf tournament in a hospital room. I was busy timing the space between contractions and trying to keep track of my husband who was continuously turning various shades of green. I repeatedly asked the nurses to attend to him, but they kept their attentions on me instead despite my protestations.

I'd never had a baby before. And haven't had one since.

The day I gave birth, my friend and manicurist found herself with child. At each visit she'd query me about my birthing experience. As if I were now an expert. She'd ask me, "What were your hormone levels? What tests did you have? What were the results of your amniocentesis? How many Lamaze classes did you go to? What are your thoughts on water births...?"

Now, I found her enthusiasm with her pregnancy amusing. Her overwhelming curiosity and involvement made me question how little I had known about my own. My theory was, "I'm pregnant. When it's time, they'll tell me what to do." Which they did.

And everything went fine.

I have a plaque in my dressing room that reads; Better Living Through Denial.

I love that.
It works for me.

I wouldn't suggest it as a mantra to others, but for me, sometimes it's a damn blessing.

Boo asked me last night to recant, again, about the events right before she was born...

It had been snowing for 3 days. I had already been out clearing the driveway from new fallen snow...twice. A few of my neighbors had stopped while driving by and asked incredulously, "What are you doing?!!!"

"I'm snowblowing the driveway. What does it look like I'm doing?"

I didn't get it that a woman nine months pregnant possibly shouldn't be working heavy machinery. In my head I thought,"Seriously folks. All I have to do was walk behind it!" Plus the snow was beautiful! I wasn't able to ski that year, or sled, so I was Jones'ing for that cold stuff. Why wouldn't I want to be out in it? I didn't consider what I must have looked like to passerbys; Me. Out in the driveway shoveling snow. Hugely pregnant. Wearing my husbands parka, since my own had long ceased to fasten.

I didn't approach having a baby with the inability to do things. My pregnancy never got in the way. Unless I turned to the side, straight on I looked about the same.

I even hosted a New Year's Eve extravaganza dinner party that year. Cooking all seven courses myself. My feet seemingly swelling with each one. Unable to partake in the wine served, I enjoyed the festivities nonetheless...elegant in my black velvet ensemble. I remember wearing large chandelier earrings thinking that they would distract attention from my bulging midsection.
When your chef's apron ties fit, rather than having to wrap know you must be HUGE.

The evening I went into labor, we chose to sleep in the guest bedroom. It's located on the second floor of our home as opposed to our suite on the third. Why? I haven't any idea. We never slept in that room, but that night we did. In the middle of the night I awoke disoriented and perplexed. I wasn't sure where I was. And what possibly did I eat that was giving me such stomach pains?!

It was then that it dawned on me.
Dear God. I'm going into labor.

I woke up my husband who immediately jumped out of bed and got the car running.

"I'm not going anywhere until I shower..."

He argued against it, but I won. Go figure.
Don't argue with a pregnant woman. Ever.
Especially one in labor.

By the time we left for the hospital, not only was the car warm (from running for the last three quarters of an hour), but the drive was still relatively clear for our departure due to my work out there earlier. Blizzard. Bah.

There weren't any cars around. Everything was still; quiet. Snow still gently falling. Peaceful.

Just how I felt.

My labor wasn't like what you see in the movies. I didn't scream. Or call out obscenities towards my impregnantor. I just followed directions. Pretty simple stuff. No complications. Just me, the nurses, the doctor, some pro golf and a green husband.

And thus, Boo was born.
Eleven years ago today.

Happy Birthday Baby!

She still lets me call her that...Baby.

And as all the mom's out there know, no matter how much time passes...they will always, always be our babies.



  1. As always, I love this post! So well written

  2. I love your post...and what a beautiful baby!

  3. Congrats on becoming a mommy (11 years ago today)!

    Am I allowed to be jealous of your easy labor & delivery?

  4. Yeah! Jumping up and down with joy over your post. So lovely.
    My hubs snapped a pic of me the morning my water broke and it was taken from his view from the sofa. It caught a view of the baseball game he was watching. So nonchalant, that one. Its my fave.
    Happy birthday Boo! And congrats. Isn't it the best?

  5. I love that picture- what a beautiful girl! My kids have given up on protesting the fact that they aren't babies anymore- they know I will always call them "babies". Like you said they will always be my babies!
    Happy birthday!

  6. Awweee this was just precious. Almost as precious as that photo.. WOW!

    Time sure ficks by, doesn't it?

    Happy (mom) Birthday!

  7. What a beautiful baby Boo was. They grow up quickly, good thing we have memories. Oh, I love the plaque...denial works for me most times!

  8. Ticks. I meant. Only because I don't know which "fly" to type: Is it "Time flies" or "Time Flys".

    This is my life.

  9. Happy Birthday, Boo! And Happy Momiversary to you, Nancy!
    The blessings of parenthood are many. That she asks you to recount this tale to her each year is one of them.
    Enjoy your special day :-)

  10. Beautiful photo!

    And a beautiful post, Nancy!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday Boo!


  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful pregnancy. You're lucky. Mine were not so fun.
    This is such a good story, so well told.
    Happy Birthday Boo! And you too, Nancy!
    That photo is precious.

  12. Beautiful post! My baby boy is 17 an he still lets me call him baby...God bless our children for making us feel special.

    Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to Boo!

  13. Beautiful picture! Happy Birthday Boo!! Nice post Nancy. It made me really look foward to being a mom.

  14. I just can't get over the fact that she's eleven! I still remember the fun we had shopping for maternity clothes. I think you can give them to the Goodwill now, I think my window has closed..

  15. Happy Birthday Boo!! I love your writing Nancy ~ have a great week-end!

  16. I can only hope when I have a baby that it will go as smoothly!

    New to your blog but loving it so far :)

  17. Happy "Labour Day"!

    Great post!

  18. Going on 38 weeks pregnant- so nice to hear such a gentle, nonchalant birth story! And happy birthday to your baby. : )

  19. I love your can-do attitude. Which is no doubt why everything went so well for you, and why you have such a great kid! Happy birthday to your daughter, and to you (I always think the mom's should share the day.)

  20. I rode a 10 speed up until the week before Rabbit was born. And the only reason I quit is because I couldn't reach the handle bars when I bent over because he was in the way of the seat! Like you nothing stopped me while pregnant. It was a glorious time! Happy "Mother's" Day!

  21. I'm just caught up on your latest three posts.

    Happy Birthday to both of you! I was not a very happy pregnant woman, but my births were just fine.

    And too bad about the Land Rover - that really sucks! I hope you and your friend get some justice after going public. I really do!!!!

  22. That was a beautiful story!! Although 3o something years ago, I still remember both of mine!! So things we never forget!

  23. Nice, I have 2 babies of my own. 22 and 25!

  24. Magic...absolute magic!

    Happy Birthday, beautiful girl! I hope you always let Mommy call you "baby"!


  25. Happy birthday Boo!

    I've never had a baby, but you make it sound so easy.

    Hubby green! LOL!

  26. So touching, remembering my daughter's birth day and enjoying reading about your life changing day.

    Re denial: it got me through some rough spots but eventually I had to deal with the situation. I like the denial motto on your plaque. Denial puts your mind on pause until you are strong enough to handle whatever your dilemma is.

  27. THERE YOU ARE! Hey Nancy! I've missed your posts this past week, and enjoyed this one. Happy birthday to Boo! Indigo

  28. Oh long as I live and there is a breath in my body, and beyond, they will be my babies...

  29. Happy Birthday to Boo! And Happy Boo's Birthday to you, Nancy! :o)

    Over the years, I've reversed my birthday celebrations: I buy my mum cards and congratulate her on HER special day, when her little daughter was born (yes, at 27, I'm still her little girl, too). It IS a much more special day for the mother than for the child, I feel. :o)

  30. I love hearing birthing stories. I am ready to have another one myself. The only problem is that it will mean 40 weeks without my medication. Hell on earth for me and everyone around me! It's so worth it though. I am looking into taking some courses to become a Doula. I think that it would be such a rewarding job.

  31. sweet birthday wishes for your sweet little one!

  32. I love this post, especially "I'm not going anywhere until I shower..." :-)

    Kate x

  33. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  34. Did you have an epidural? How long were you in labor? Do I remind your of your manicurist? Happy Birthday to Boo and Happy Birthingday to you!

  35. Happy Birthday to Boo!
    I know what you mean. My dd is 16 & she will always be my baby! It's sweet that she wants to hear the story. (((HUGS)))

  36. Brings back memories of my own birthing experiences - all three of them! I can't quite get over how the years pass so quickly...

  37. Ignorance is bliss, eh? She certainly was a beauty! She was coming out no matter what you knew or didn't know!

  38. I'm so glad I'm a dude. Nothing about giving birth sounds enjoyable. You've produced a beautiful daughter, though.

  39. it got me through some rough spots but eventually I had to deal with the situation. I like the denial motto on your plaque. Denial puts your mind on pause until you are strong enough to handle whatever your dilemma is.Order Protonix

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