Sunday, February 1, 2009

my night stand convienence store...

This morning while reaching for a bottle of water on my nightstand, I knocked something over. So I logically, picked it up to place it back in it's 'spot'. I had to take a moment of pause then and LOOKED at my nightstand. Here is the inventory as I see it:

  • 3 bottles of water in varying stages of fullness.
  • 1 can of unopened sparkling water.
  • a bottle of aspirin.
  • a bottle of vitamins.
  • 7 books.
  • 3 magazines.
  • 1 reading lamp.
  • 2 house phones.
  • 1 cell phone.
  • 2 little statues, gifts from my daughter.
  • a pad of paper.
  • 2 pens.
  • 3 remotes.
  • 1 alarm clock.

Now I think that is quite a bit of stuff to fill a nightstand. We won't even go into the stuff in the drawers...more books, lotions and a ball peen hammer. Why do I have a ball peen hammer in my nightstand drawer? I really don't know.

I thought about getting one of those dorm room refrigerators and converting it into a nightstand. How great would that be to just reach over and grab a COLD bottle of water instead of a room temperature one. Maybe even put my coffee maker up there and wake to the smell of brewing joe. Now that would be convenient.

My bed is pretty darn comfortable. Loaded with down comforters and super fluffy pillows. I have tried to recreate one of the beds at the Ritz Carlton where I remember getting one of the best night's sleep ever. Maybe that is the reason I have everything I could possibly need within arms reach. Maybe that's the reason I don't want to get up and leave my bed. My bed is a haven for me. It takes me mere moments to (normally) fall asleep. Step 1: Get in bed. Step 2: Put head on pillow. Step 3: 2 minutes and I'm off to wonderland....

I like to watch movies or TV in bed. It's comfortable and cozy. I have a friend whose husband doesn't believe in having a television in the bedroom. He feels that a bed should be for sleep and, well, you know. And that's it. Reading in bed? He's a degree. But that's what his bedroom is for and he sticks by that notion.

The TV in my bedroom is one that used to be in the living room downstairs. When I bought one of the new flat screens for that room, I brought this one upstairs. It's pretty big so you get that "the actors are in the room with you" kind of feeling. It's also good because you can see it when on the treadmill, which is also in the bedroom. I was thinking about whether I would replace it once it starts to go. My conversation with my friend about her husband's beliefs on the "no TV in the bedroom" got me to thinking that perhaps he is right. That maybe I should make my room less 'convenience' driven and more sanctuary.

I might have to give that some more deep thought. He might be on to something. But for now I'm going to reach for my remote, try not to knock anything else over, turn on the TV and finish the movie I started to watch last night and cuddle into my blankets. For now I'm content to have all my conveniences at hand.

Now if I can just figure out which remote works what...I'll have it made.

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