Saturday, May 16, 2009

humorless blogger dot com...


So maybe I'm just not used to be denied. Or rejected.

Maybe, just maybe I'm not as amusing as I thought I was. Or have that great of a sense of humor.

Maybe THEY are playing a joke on me and I'll look around my office to see that there has been a hidden camera recording my aghast facial expression!

Or maybe I really did get rejected and dumped...even before we entered into the relationship stage.

What the hell am I blithering on about? Why, it's my rejection e-mail from humor bloggers dot com! Yeah. Can you believe it? I know; I read the e-mail about 10 times, called a friend and read it to them as well. Just to confirm it was what I thought it was.....

My friend Chrissy, who writes a wonderful blog ( - how that plug for ya' there Chrissy!) recently joined humor bloggers. I follow several blogs that are also members of humor bloggers, so I gave the web site a little 'look see' and decided to join in the fun and expand my humor horizons. I filled out the form, listed my blog, etcetera etcetera etcetera. I got a e-mail rather quickly that they would be getting back to me, that my registration was pending. After confirming my e-mail to show that I was indeed a real person, I waited for a response.

I did some laundry, picked my daughter up from school and checked my e-mail again. Still no word from the moderators as to whether or not my blog had been accepted into the realm of humor blogging. So I mowed the lawn, planted some plants, fed the pond fish-got way laid and read a few chapters by said pond and soaked into some of the beautiful sunshine. Went out to dinner with a friend, had a margarita and then checked my e-mail again upon my return. Hey now! An e-mail from humorbloggers dot com!

I opened the e-mail and here is what I saw...

Your registration at Humor Bloggers dot com has been rejected for the following reason:

NOTE: This email was automatically generated.

I was rejected?! Me? But why? It says for the following reason...but no reason was given! It was a complete blank.

I mean, geez. I guess I'm not THAT funny, but you might have at least given me a reason why they thought so.

I did send them over an e-mail asking why. But as of right now, I've no response from them. That was four days ago. I feel like a jilted lover, but before the love affair even started...

So I guess I'll just view Chrissy's relationship with humor bloggers dot com with wistful eyes. When I log on to some of my favorite blogs and see their badge of honour that they were accepted as funny and I wasn't; I will try not to feel slighted.

Maybe I should start my own blog community site where those rejected can commiserate. We'll call it the humorless bloggers dot com. Where 'We DON'T have your funny!!' It'll be the #2 social network and humorless blog directory on the net! Not seriously!

Bah. Who needs humor....
And if they decide to respond and re-check my blog for consideration?...I guess this entry on my blog will definitely define the boot.



  1. Hey you got nominated for hottest mommy blogger, though. I'll vote right now.

  2. See, I'll bet they approve you NOW, because this is your funniest post yet!

    I'm sure it's just a mistake. Or maybe they're testing you.

    Good luck!

  3. Well, I STILL think you're one of the funniest people I know. And I should know. I am on, you know. Woops! Sorry...

  4. oooh Chrissy! You are soooo funny! :-)
    Go ahead, kick a girl while she's down. It alright, I have a thing against jester images anyway, which happens to be their logo. So it's "all good".

    Thanks Carlos for the vote! I'd rather be a Hot Mommy Blogger that a Humor Blogger anyway! :-)

    And Chris...I'm not thinking that they'll be thinking this post is funny. However, I wonder how many people will now bounce to their website because of this post? Hmmmm....

    Thanks guys for your comments! They make me chuckle (in my humorless blogger dot com world)!


  5. I just happened across your blog, and this is the first one I've read... but based on this post alone, you definitely fall into the "damn funny" category. :)

  6. Thanks Mike! I've got a renewed appreciation for my warped view on life! Humor, I've decided, is in the ears/eyes/nose/throat of the beholder. Okay maybe not nose...

    Thanks for reading AND your comment!

  7. What the hell?! That website obviously doens't know what they're talking about. You are hilarious. I'll say this in my best Valley Girl whine...What-Ever!

  8. Thanks Theresa! I appreciate your vote of confidence! But it's okay. I've managed a week without being accepted, so I think I'll survive.

    Who needs a stinking humor badge anyway...:-)


  9. As a lurker on this site for quite some time (via your listing on Blog catalog) I can attest to your great sense of humor. And as for this post not being funny, well, re-read the sentence below ... carefully:

    "So I mowed the lawn, planted some plants, fed the pond fish-got way laid and read a few chapters by said pond and soaked into some of the beautiful sunshine."

    Got "way laid." Wish I got that kind of treatment after mowing my own lawn. Hell, if was that easy I'd be weeding and fertilizing the entire neighborhood.

  10. Ummmm. You've caught me with my slip Freudian slip.

    That and my loss of command over the English language! I believe the correct venacular would have left out the space between the words thus relieving you of the visual of me by the pond with my book and fish eliminating stress from my otherwise hectic world!

    But I do concur...if that were the result of weeding and fertilizing, my lawn would be ready for Better Homes and Gardens! However, that isn't quite the case. You see, I keep forgetting to buy double A batteries...


    Thanks for lurking. I've lurked yours as well, but am now out in the open and following you publicly!

  11. I am part of the HBDC club. I have recommended people I thought were wayyyyyyy funnier than me and seen them rejected.

    AND now if you don't feel funny, well you don't have to be!

  12. Hey, noticed your blog was on the Blog of notes.

    You don't need to join a "humor organization" to be recognized as humorous.

    I'd say, you really are humorous.

    I'm from the Philippines and I enjoy western humor.

    Good luck!

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