Friday, May 29, 2009

win or go home...

I live in Cleveland, Ohio.

Now before you start in with the Cleveland jokes (yes, we've heard them all I believe), I need to make something very clear. I wasn't born here.

Now some would argue, "You are here by choice?"
"Yes. Yes, I am."
"In God's name...Why?"

Well, let's see are at least 10 good reasons.

  1. The cost of living is outstanding in comparison to other urban areas.
  2. We live on the lake.
  3. The Iron Chef, Michael Simon, lives here and I can get a table in his fabulous restaurant.
  4. There is a wonderful park system to enjoy.
  5. We get all four seasons.
  6. We have a fabulous orchestra.
  7. We have a world renowned museum.
  8. Most headliners stop here for concerts because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  9. We have all the major professional sports teams.
  10. We are all Witness's to the King of Basketball...LeBron James.

I'm not much of a professional sports fan. I LOVE the fact that they are here in town, but don't go to the games all that much...unless someone gives me a ticket. But I have been fascinated and engrossed in the entire post season series of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And it's killing me.

I'm staying up WAY too late each night watching the games. I'm anxious about each play. I'm on the verge of a heart attack the entire fourth quarter.

If anyone else has been following or watching said know what I mean. Each and every game has come down to the last 30 seconds and most have been won by just one stinking point!

It's incredible basketball. The best I've ever seen. The best B-Ball played ever by many sports critics and analyzers. On one hand, I want to see Cleveland go on to the show. We deserve it. They've played well. It would be great for the city...especially since we haven't won a professional sports title in what, 42 years? C'mon. Patience is a virtue and all...but enough is enough! We've come close a few times...and then we trade our best players to teams that go on to win the titles. Odd. And horribly disheartening.

And on the other hand, I want us to lose Saturday's game so I can finally get some rest.
My eyes need some good, long, restful sleep. My intestines need to get back to regular food instead of the fried bar food. And my liver needs my brain to order green tea....

All that being said, I hope we go all the way. I started watching so I could raz my brother who lives in Detroit about how "My team beat your team". Now I watch because of proud to be a Clevelander.

LeBron, Boobie, Z, Varejao, Delonte and Mo Better...this Cleveland gal is behind you all the way. My eyes hate you. Not because of the view, you area all damn good looking big, tall men...but because of the bags I'm getting under my eyes. For the Cav's it's a Win or Go Home series of 3 games to 2. The same for the Denver Nuggets who also trail by one game; 3-2. I don't really want to see the Kobe/James faceoff....but I do enjoy the muppets commercials featuring them.

Go Cavs! One Goal baby, One Goal...Beat the hell out of Orlando.
We ARE all Witness's.

Update: 11:32pm Saturday 5/30/09

We are going home. I can finally get some sleep. The Cavs just couldn't get it together. Lack of rebounds and missed foul shots kept us from making it to the Finals. A very dissappointing show...

Now we must rely on the Indians to get us to the World Series. I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. :-)


  1. Cleveland Rocks! ... or so exclaimed every opening to the Drew Carey Show. That said, I wouldn't bet the family fortune on moving to a city based on the ironic virtues lip synched by a portly comic. But, hey, you spouted ten good reasons for living there and dammit, you've got every right to be proud.

  2. Home is where the heart is. I'm not a huge basketball fan, but I've been watching the post season games too. Hopefully, my Lakers (not really mine, but I live in Socal, so I'll claim'em) will play your Cavs in the finals. Lebron vs would be fun watching. By the way, those commercials are awesome.

  3. Okay, my computer is acting up so I don't know if my comment was deleted or if you're still approving it. But, if it didn't go through, I said...Home is where the heart is. And then I wrote...My Lakers (I live in Socal, so I guess they're mine) just won tonight. So, I was saying, it would be fun if your Cavs also won and then "our" teams would be playing each other. There, hope I haven't been redundant.

  4. I'm a Laker fan and I'm REALLY rooting for a Kobe-LeBron final. As are the NBA and the TV people, I'm sure.

    GO CAVS (for two more games)!

  5. I kindof wanted to see the Nuggets go to the finals. The Lakers have been dominant for so long. And I'm ususally a supporter of the underdog.

    Maybe it's because I liked the cartoon growing up.

    That is until Jones Flagrant foul against Kobe. That was like watching the punk brat on the playground tripping the popular kid! Unbelieveable. So I'm glad that the Lakers are now going to the finals....

    I'm going to be wearing gloves during tonights basketball game. Not for fashion, or because it's I can save my manicure. Because I know it's going to be a nail biter!

    Congratulations Chris and Theresa for YOUR team making to the show!


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