Sunday, August 30, 2009

love/hate relationship...

I wonder sometimes about Mother Nature.

Is she really that mean? Does she hate us delicate humans and like to see us suffer? Or does she just have a wicked sense of humor...

Earlier this year I made a pact to myself that I would last the entire summer without the use of air conditioning. Not a huge thing to accomplish in my estimation. My century old home isn't outfitted with central air. So if I want the benefit of air conditioning, I have work for it and install window units. It's not just the flick of a switch to get cold air circulating, you have to do some rather heavy labor. I hate lugging those cumbersome things up from the basement and installing them. I'm always fearful that I'm going to drop them and a.) smash my foot all to hell; or b.) watch the damn thing tumble down the stairs making gouges in the walls as it goes.

If I do manage to get the unit to it's destination without creating havoc, I then start to experience anxiety about dropping it out of the window when trying to place it precariously on the window sill. There are those few weeks of the year that are so hot, humid and miserable that Mother Nature has forced me to cave and put them in. At least in the bedrooms.

However, this year I wanted to see if I could make it through the entire summer without installing said air units. My daughter and I agreed that it would be our contribution to being more energy efficient. Our small way of helping our planet Earth. Plus, it sounds better than admitting it's just my being lazy. I really didn't want to go through the hassle and trepidation in dealing with it.

But a few weeks ago I was forced to a decision. A decision that I had promised myself I wouldn't do. But after getting out of the shower one morning, I was so hot that I immediately started sweating. I just couldn't take the heat anymore. I needed the air. I craved it. I had to have it.

The master suite in my house is up on the third floor. With the sun beating down on the roof combined with all the skylights, it can get a bit warm and stuffy in the middle of summer. I broke down. I couldn't go one more day without some cool air. So I installed one of the units into my bedroom window. After completing the installation I stood naked in front of it and reveled as the frigid air caressed me. At that moment I couldn't have cared less about the 100 degrees temperature it had reached outside. I had cold air. And it felt good.

That was three weeks ago. I ran the units for a total of two days. In those measly two days my electric bill increased by $40. $40! I'm glad I didn't need the air conditioning any longer than that, because it would have been my monthly budget that would have gone out the window.

So as the cooler weather started to roll in, I welcomed the change. My armpits were happy. My sinuses relieved and my wallet was glad.

That coupled with my love of sweaters, bonfires and the crisp chill of fall's all good. Except I prefer to ease into a season change. Not have it immediately dumped on me like a truckload of bricks.

When I awoke this morning, shivering under my down comforter, I was not elated to find that the temperature outside had dropped an entire 30 degrees overnight. Thank you very much, Hurricane Danny. According to Weatherbug and the Farmers Almanac this season change is supposed to have been a week away. Did Mother Nature lose her copy? Why didn't she check the calender? Is she trying to make us all sick?

Normally when I hear people complain about weather, my response is, "Deal with it." My routine is to take a look outside in the morning, check the Internet for the weather forecast and dress accordingly. If it rains; I grab a raincoat or umbrella. If it's cold; I grab a jacket. If it's hot; I head for the beach.

I'm a little shell shocked today. I'm not ready for the weather of fall. Really. I'm not.

My bedroom is presently getting a little face lift. I needed to do some ceiling repair in my dressing room. Since I needed to move all my articles of clothing from the room for the work, I thought it prudent to go ahead and renovate the entire space. Smart thinking, right?

But...I can't get to my sweaters. I can't find my pants or long sleeve shirts. I only have access to shorts. My closed toed shoes are God knows where, so my tootsies are freezing in my flip-flops. Usually a planner, I unfortunately wasn't prepared for all.

All of my clothes are in piles on their hangers in one of the spare bedrooms. They are stacked on top of the containers that hold my shoes and my sweaters. So I'm pretty much SOL for the next few days. Up the proverbial creek without a provided paddle.

I wish that Mother Nature would have been a little more timely in her delivering fall on my doorstep. Had I known, I would've pulled out a few things before packing all my belongings into Rubbermaids. I don't have an unlisted number. She could have easily called to let me know. Perhaps she might have asked Danny to take a little longer in his stroll up the coastline that has delivered to us this unseasonal chill.

I guess I'll just have to take my own advice and "deal with it". That or spend numerous hours digging through the piles of stuff to find something that will keep me relatively warm. It sure is a good thing I've finally got that air conditioner installed. Although at this point it doesn't appear that I'll need it any longer this year.

I need to warm up. Pronto. I'm freezing here. Maybe I'll make some tea and light a fire in the fireplace. I'll stand in front of it like I did with the air conditioner a few weeks ago.

Except this time...I'll keep my clothes on.


  1. First comment! Yes! So, you were standing nude in your bedroom suite? A suite? All these surprises are too fast for me.

  2. Carlos - as I was typing that I thought it might throw YOU over the edge, but I did it anyway. Just to see. And I was right! Plus it got you to comment FIRST! Wow. I'm going to mention nakedness in ALL my posts now...

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for dropping by my blog earlier.

    OMG...I can so identify with this post because I too have to install an A/C window unit each summer. Luckily the summer heat wasn't bad until a few weeks ago, but when it got got hot.

    Here too it suddenly got cooler, but I'm so looking forward to fall and winter. I'm SUCH the penguin.

    I like your blog layout and colors.

  4. By the time you find your fall clothes, it'll get hot again. Or I hope it does. I too, am not ready for summer to end. It was too short here in the northeast this year. I can "deal with it" too, but I don't want to.I believe it's perfectly within your rights (and mine) to be a baby about the weather once in a while.

  5. Weather is one of the fun things we get up here in the Pacific Northwest. Let's see: usually in one week we will have rain, clouds and sun, sun by itself, wind, no wind, temperature extremes of 30 degrees in one day. So it sounds downright comfy to me. Right now we are having a snowstorm, but it's those damn cottonwood trees playing havoc with my sinuses. Sun is going down WAY TOO SOON these days.

  6. Wow Nancy! You've got a lot of clothes there. Have you ever looked into those portable air conditioner units? I don't have one myself but I've looked into them for economic reasons. We have central heat/air and in the summer our bill can be close to $300. Anyway, they look pretty nice and they blow cool cool air and they just sit in the corner of the room.

    Anyway, I wish it were cooler here. It was 102 today. It's not helping the fires we're having in Socal.

  7. Gosh, what a colorful wardrobe you have.

  8. Today is the last day of our winter. I'm looking forward to worrying about getting cool rather than wondering if I'll ever be warm again.

    Keeping your clothes on may just be the answer - but how boring must the question have been?! :)

  9. The only thing that got me through our cold winter this year was a hot bath every morning and every night. As with Matthew, it's also the last day of winter here, but that doesn't make me want to jump for joy. I love autumn and winter because you can hide all the little rolls you've gained from not going to the gym because it's too cold, under layers of warm clothes. Guess hide and seek time is over for good after today in this part of the world ;)

  10. @ Ron - I've been a lurker on your blog for some time. Thanks for stopping by mine! Bring on the turtlenecks! ...if I could find one...

    @Maureen - I hate to complain. No one really ever listens! And I agree, once I have access to my stuff, I won't need it!

    @DJan - After hearing that your weather has such vicious swings ALL the time, I will dutifully keep my mouth shut.

    @Theresa - I'll trade you 30 degrees! That way we'd both live in perfect climates! (hope the fires won't affect you in any way...)

    @Chrissy - Bah. Black is all the colors mixed together. I like to wear them all at once. Figures YOU'D point that out in my photo. Don't you see the few blue shirts there?

    @Matthew - I just tuned up my snow blower. If the summer was any sign, winters going to be a doozey this year. Agreed. A more colorful question is in order for a better answer!

    @Ladytruth - The luxury of having TIME for a bath makes me jealous! I WILL try to take your suggestion's sounds in theory, just lovely.

  11. Big Willie and I managed to turn the air on only one day this summer. Like you, we've got the window-unit thing going on; and like you, we're cheap.



    Glad I'm not the only one out there!


  12. Good gracious. $40! That's, what, twenty quid? So ten quid PER DAY. *feints*

  13. I'm enjoying this cooler weather. We have two central air units to cool our home, and my electric bill was $315 last billing cycle. Can I get a big WTF? Of course, no one will admit to the additional costs. Lord, I hate spending a fortune on utility bills. Anyway, I'm sorry about the discombobulation. We're about to replace our carpet with wood floors and reading your post reminded me of what a pain it's going to be (my closet will be part of the reno).

  14. I'm not ready for fall either, as much as I love it! I am equally disenchanted with Mother Nature.

    PS: somethin' for ya on my blog...stop by ;)

  15. I can't stand it. 4 weeks of summer and we're off to autumn. It's just not fair. Unfortunately, I am unable (or unwilling...ahem) to control my whine....(it's been affectionately called "the whine heard 'round the world by some)
    I truly believe there's some menopausal madness going on over at Mother Nature's place. How else can we explain it?

  16. Haha... we had those beastly A/C units when I was growing up. They were a pain in the ass, and I never figured out how they didn't fall out of the window. The thought of you standing naked in front of the A/C with the air flowing past you cracked me up. That's totally something I would do!!


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