Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something happened along the way...

e⋅piph⋅a⋅ny - (i-pif-uh-nee)

  • a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

Have you ever had an epiphany?

When it seems that everything in your world has finally come into focus? Akin to a Claritin Clear commercial?
When all the planets seems to align itself and shine down upon you?
A time when all the questions you have about your existence all seem to make sense?

When you feel as if even the Dali Lama may call and ask YOU for advice?

I haven't.
At least not recently.
I'm totally discombobulated today.

Normally pretty organized, I can't seem to even make an errand run without forgetting something. Starting with leaving the list of things to get, at home on the kitchen counter. I did go back for it and then at the store, I left the list in the car. But once that error realized (again), this time I didn't go back for it. I figured that if I manage to hit every department in the store that I'll 'remember' what it was on the list. It'll be okay, I'll get everything that I need.
Nope. Didn't work.

When I got back to the car and checked the list to see how my memory fared in the store there were about six of the items that I forgot. Not bad overall, I suppose, but don't have the time now to go back to complete the list. It'll have to wait for another day.

I needed to stop at four different places. Normally, this isn't a big deal. Pre-thinking my course, I normally make the stops in a circular fashion so I don't go out of my way. I go from point A through point D and then back around. I don't jump between points thus backtracking and wasting time and energy. Today, I jumped around from Point A to Point D then back to Point C over to Point B. It was quite inefficient by my standards. Normally, this doesn't happen.
But today it did.

Today does not seem like a normal day.

I look the same. Feel pretty much the same. Seem to be the same. But something just feels...off.

And I can't quite get a grip on what it is.
Hopefully this condition won't last too long. I need to find those damn rose colored glasses. Where, pray tell, did I put them...

So if you have any idea how I can align my planets, force an epiphany and figure out what I'm supposed to be doing...could you take the time to enlighten me?

It seems that I am definitely not in the Dali Lama's speed dial top 5.


  1. Oooh I hate days like that!! Yes you feel like the cosmic forces have got it in for you. I hear there is supposed to be some spectacular meteor shower tonight - so i would say that this is the cause of your misalignment. Go outside after midnight and stare into the sky. Watch for those shooting stars and start making wishes galore. This is certain to improve your karma. And tomorrow when you wake if that doesn't work - I suggest you go get a rabbit's foot.

  2. I too have days like that, my father calls it old age. There are some days I really think I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something. Nothing goes right. I often think of going back to bed and trying it again.

    @ Rae, LOL at getting a rabbit's foot. I dont know why that made me laugh but it did. =o)

  3. Hi Nancy! This is all sadly familiar. And what's worse, I occasionally dream about bad days like this. Yes, not only do I have them, but my subconscious rubs my nose in it while I am asleep. I swear it hates me. Indigo

  4. Recipe for mental clarity:
    1. Gingko biloba
    2. no caffeine after 7pm
    3. too many bats in the belfry, ie: you've got too much going on at once so focus on one event/task at a time
    4. listen to classical music while driving from one errand to another: will engage the right brain/holistic/creative side while the left brain/logical/pattern-driven side takes a break for a few minutes
    If those don't work:
    5. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! At the end of a frustrating day, kick back with a brain candy movie and a glass of wine and rest easy in the fact that today was yin and tomorrow will complete the balance with yang...and have another glass while you're at it! Cheers!

  5. I'd suggest drinking until it just doesn't bother you any more. Mind you, I'm trying to be more serious these days.

    Ah well, there's always tomorrow. :)

  6. Welcome to my world :) When things get really bad and I start forgetting what to do next, I sit down and order a cocktail. I don't even have to remember which one I like because the waiters around these parts know me well by now and no, I'm not an alcoholic: I'm a regular!

  7. I definitely have days like this. I've had enough of them to know they do pass. Doing something physical helps. Walk or dance while listening to your favorite band.

  8. Frustrating!
    Some times I try and tell myself that the universe is trying to give me a message on "off" days like this. Knock me out of my safety zone and get me to see something.
    If that doesn't work, I make something up.

  9. @ Rae - Ithink the shooting stars helped last night, I feel a little more 'balanced' today. But I might stop and get a rabbits foot just in case. Should it still be attached to said rabbit?

    @ Allen - I tried that. Took a wee nap and still was a little 'off'. Old age? Bah...
    I'm in denial.

    @IndigoWrath - Now dreaming about having those days would REALLY set me off kilter! Oiy!

    @Dreamchaser - I think multiple glasses might just help. But those are ALL good suggestions! I've written them down, so I can refer to them if this happens again....

    @ Matthew - I think I'll go up to the wine store today and see if they have any yinyang bottles. That way I can kill two birds with one stone! Seriously....

    @ladytruth - I like that..."I'm a regular!" Love it.

    @The Peach Tart - I went walking with the 'boys' (my dogs)...but I kept tripping on things on the sidewalk. Thought I'd best get back home before I injur myself...

    @Maureen - Good idea. Just keep in mind, whatever I post next will probably be something either SO good Oprah is going to broadcast it, or it's made up. Or both just like Frey!

    Thanks you guys! You made my day, just by stopping by.


    Now off to the pub, I'm going to become a regular. If i get into trouble I'll have the police look at all the people that told me to! hehehe

  10. Sometimes my epiphany will start with a declaration that I'm having an epiphany.

    "Lightning has struck my brain, everybody! This is it! Prepare for wisdom, local people!"

    If that doesn't work though, I'm effed.

    In regard to bad days: there is a point at which you just need to walk away, I believe. Throw in the towel for the day and go do something else, shirking whatever tasks you had. They can nearly always wait.

    If I have a bad one, I'll spend the day going through old photo albums drawing fake mustaches on people or I'll go to a bar or I'll buy a bunch of bananas and go to the beach or park or the zoo (makes the monkey's really jealous, though). Sometimes I'll just drive somewhere a few hours away and have a bite to eat by myself in a restaurant I've never been to and leave the waitress a really big tip, even if she was awful. Especially if she was awful.

    Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes it eats you, you know?

  11. It's good to know that I'm not the only one walking around a mess lately. I can't seem to get it together either. We need vacations. Definitely. Or maybe personal assistants. Either way.

  12. Hi N...sorry to hear about your off day. I would recommend no caffeine and do something physical. I run to clear my head. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  13. Yeah, well....what are ya gonna do? If it helps, we all have 'em...those days when you're convinced there's some prankster watching us from up above, directing the scene and then laughing his ass off at our frustrated response.
    Sometimes, I get so mad I yell at the sky "LEAVE ME ALONE! GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE."
    That's usually around the time someone'll offer me a cocktail....or a Xanax.

  14. I have days like that more often than I would like to admit.

    Going to bed usually works for me.

  15. I once experienced a state of harmonic euphoria but I was 17 and on psilocybic mushrooms. It was pretty awesome.

  16. Just so you'll know: I have a FRIDAY'S READER'S SPECIAL where I thank everyone for coming to my blog and leaving a comment and leave a link to their site.

  17. I wouldn't worry too much about your "off" day. I mean, how would you know you had "on" days, if you didn't occasionally have an "off" day.

    But in the meantime just lock your doors, shut your curtains, grab a good book, curl up on the couch, drink a nice cocktail and relaaax...

    Hope your day gets better.

  18. I'm pre-menopausal, every day is like that! I recommend a long, hot, candle-lit soak in a deep bath - with soft music, and a bucket of wine by your side. Forget de-fuzzing, exfoliating and face-masks, just lie like a limp rag and imagine your favourite beach.

    ps., loved the parting line, thanks for making me smile.

  19. haha! well now it's my time to say "don't beat yourself up too much!" ^^ you've cheered me up when I was having these kind of episodes by leaving me a positive comment and advice! Now, I'm here to listen, so go on have those moments ... I think everyone has one ... it's okay to wallow on it a bit, it'll just wear off in perfect time ... but for now, yes... I will wish for your days to be better. FAST!

  20. Well, your post made me feel better....at least I know I am not alone! Sometimes I wonder....if I am like this at age 46, what am I going to be like at age 76..Uuhhgg!


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