Saturday, January 17, 2009

global warming? huh?

You ever REALLY listen when out on these super cold days? I was out yesterday in this crazy "global warming' -13 degree weather. I just had to take my camera and get some shots of the ice on the trees in the backyard.....absolutely gorgeous. Stunning really. With all the ice covered branches....the sun shining on them to make them glisten like diamonds. But it wasn't just the LOOK of was the SOUND they were making. Like chimes could hear the branches straining under the extra weight, like the trees were talking amongst themselves. Complaining probably like I was of this extreme cold....

But the sound of the trees, the crunch of the snow under foot....the absolute silence. Fascinating. Mesmerizing. But after a taking a few's time to go in, leave it behind....and try to pry my fingers, which are now frozen, off the lens.

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