Sunday, October 11, 2009

the day I won the lottery...

I'm not a gambler.
I don't normally play the lottery.
I don't frequent casinos.

I'm not against gambling, I just don't consider myself too lucky with things of that nature. I'm not unlucky per se, but I'm not a golden child either.

It's hard for me to gamble for fear of losing what I've gained. My parents instilled that in me...young.

"Take care of your bike! We paid good money for that!", I'd hear them say as I tossed it on the ground to rush inside for dinner.
Taking risks? Bad.
Gambling? Double bad.
Everything associated with taking risks and gambling? Triple quadruple trillion times bad.

But on days when I read paper that someone won 18 million dollars, I wish I'd bought a ticket. But I don't.
You don't play? You don't win. It's pretty simple.

But this past Friday afternoon I won the lottery.
I didn't buy a ticket. I just won.

I got a little *ping* on Twitter from Blogger that they had chosen me as Blog of Note, I thought that someone was playing a joke on me. That at any moment Aston Kutcher would jump out and say, "You've been punked." Which in and of itself would've been like winning a lottery. But that's what that *ping* felt like; like winning a lottery.

I guess that you could classify me as cautious. A non-risk taker.

Oh, there was a time that I was a diva, a spontaneous 'throw it in the wind' kind of girl. I was used to pushing the envelope. I'm not sure when that changed, but it did. I don't speed. I don't park in unauthorized parking spaces or cut in line, I don't even jay walk.

I follow the rules.
I'm a little afraid if I don't.
Of what?

Getting caught? Being punished?

It drives my ex-husband insane if I'm in the car with him. I'm warning him to slow down, or not park there. Or when he goes to bolt across the street, I walk to the cross walk and wait for the light to change.

I admit this non rule breaking thing is a little over the top. But there is a reward for being so predictable.

It may not have the highest payout like those that take the risks, but I've not a speeding ticket in 8 years. So my insurance is only $63 a month. I'm not afraid of police, because I'm on the right side of the law. The only parking tickets I've received are when someone else has been driving my car.

Yeah. It may sound boring. But I can usually sleep pretty well at night.

Except Friday night.
Friday was when I got *pinged* for the BoN.

There was the overwhelming adrenaline from having the Blog of Note bestowed on me. Watching the world widget on my page spin and show the flashing red beacons of where the people are that are on the site real time is mesmerizing. Watching it turn and turn, around and around constantly flashing...

THAT blew me away.

When I did eventually get to bed, my two large dogs had decided that they wanted a little more space than normal. I'd shue them off only to wake later all contorted into the small space left for me; a huge American Bulldog head on my shoulder and a large Labradoodle pinning down my feet. This happened no less than 4 times. Add into the mix a cat who decided that I needed a fur collar whilst I slept, well...lets just suffice it say it wasn't the best sleep I've ever had.

But finally...sleep. Peaceful, blissful sleep.

And then the realization that I had forgotten to turn off the alarm. It was a Saturday for God's sake. The only one real day that I have no responsibilities to wake for, and I've ruined it by the damn static beeping of my alarm.

"You've got to be kidding me...", is the only thing my overly tired mind could muster. Why. Why. Why.

And then I remembered in my sleep deprived brain that I was BoN for the day Friday. So I went down to my office to check on the stats on my computer. Do you realize that overnight while I slept there were 4,000 hits on the blog? 4,000! All over the world. That's amazing.

And so very cool.

I didn't dream it. It really did happen. ME! The not unlucky, but not particular golden girl. And to make my early morning ever more wonderful when I retrieved my cell phone from it's charging dock there was a message from Mr. 'Handsome Moving Sale Campaign Man'.

I got to thinking that it was a fluke. These kind of things don't just happen to me. Maybe the stars were aligned just so to allow me a glimpse into that other world. The one whose lives these things DO happen to. Just a little taste of the sweet life. The easy life. Of those that are golden.

There are days that come around every so often where you feel invincible. That's it quite feasible that events could continue to drift in the general direction of 'good'. That your mindset should enable pushing the envelope, to test your luck. Stretch it to the limit. Because it is quite plausible that you could win.


Friday was one of those days. And yesterday continued in the same vein.
Wow. Two days in a row? The stars are going to stay aligned for me for two days?

Today? I believe I'm buying a lottery ticket. Hell, I might even buy two.

If there was a casino closer to my home, I might even go; put it all on Black. But I don't have the I'll start with a scratch off and see what that holds and then go from there.
Maybe I should start changing my ways since the stars are seemingly aligned in my favor. I might start taking a few more risks. Be a little less cautious and a little more carefree. Who knows what could be in store.

I feel a change in the air!

In the next day or so, watch out. A new Nancy is emerging. One with a little of the old diva Nancy mixed in.
I may just jaywalk.
For the hell of it, I may even drive over the speed limit.

I'm taking risks now. I feel empowered.
And I've got Handsome Moving Sale Campaign Man in my speed dial...

I can't wait to see what tomorrow is going to bring. It's been a good couple of days...

Thanks for being part of it.


  1. Your parents were right ... mine did that too and I agree with that ... you have to take care of things well, you have to apreciate them. they said they won't buy me everything because you only apreciate things enough when you earned them for yourself :)

    But still ... risks are sometimes good to know.. no risk no profit. :)

    Nice blog!

  2. Congratulations on winning the blog of note, which is how I landed on your blog the other day.

    By all means take risks but you don't have to break any laws to do it. lol

    Looking forward to reading more of what is to come as the new you emerges...

  3. Your parents are just like mine, but not that strict. They do buy lottery though.
    And congrats again on being BoN.. hope everything goes well between you and 'Handsome Moving Sale Campaign Man'.. XD

  4. Hey, could you get me a lottery ticket too? I've been told I'm unlucky.

  5. Hard being adored, isn't it? ;)

  6. Congratulations Nancy!
    I hope everything works out well for you,
    Gina x

  7. Nancy, you really deserve it! I love your WTF Mondays and your sense of humor is, well, over the top. And about that lottery ticket, you should definitely buy one. I won two raffles in two days last week myself...

  8. roll with it sister because you do deserve it! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :)

  9. congrats...

    take risk if u afford to lose !!!! the result may sometimes amazing...

  10. Hmmm...very interesting. Fate has funny ways of rewarding us....I am divided over the opinon of taking risks, well each to his/her own, eh? Congratulations on your BoN. I feel you deserve it, as this is just one of your blogs which I have read and I am already hooked!!!

    Keep up the good work, Ma'am

  11. Congrats on BoN, that's how I found you and I've had a great time reading your recent posts.

  12. When I saw that you were the "Blog of Note", I said, "YES! Someone I KNOW!"

    Big Congratulations! MWAH! (I'm Italian, what can I say? We kiss and hug for EVERYTHING!)

    Put the pedal to the metal and speed a little, girlfriend. You might get a cute cop! LOL!

    And don't even get me started on casinos. I LOVE slot machines!

    SOOO happy for you! Hope you have a great week!

  13. There was that one time you went in through the out door. I think it was May 5, 2002.

  14. I am so happy for you on all fronts. I have so enjoyed your blog. You deserve it. Buy a lottery ticket and go have lunch with Mr. Handsome. You are on a roll.

  15. It's funny because both my parents are/were casino/lottery gamblers, yet I am not. I'm more of a gambler when it comes to taking chances with changes in my life.

    It's been an absolute joy to share in your celebration of Blog of Note, Nancy!

    I'm SOOOOOOOOO proud of you!

    Have a GRANDE' Sunday, my friend!


  16. I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and look forward to what you have to say in the future.

  17. Wow, what a great couple of days! Congratulations on becoming BoN and getting that return phone call. Have a wonderful day! :)

  18. Congrats on BoN! I saw that you were awarded BoN on friday, that's fantastic! Isn't the feeling of possibility in the air intoxicating? You should take some steps, though.....wouldn't want for you to get addicted, eh? I understand risk taking can do that to you! ;o)


  19. That's how I landed upon your blog, and I must say that I am quite glad I did. Congrats. :]

  20. this is fantastic! congratulations! YAY!

  21. So I was at this dinner party and your name came up.

    "Oh yaaaah," I said in a pompous voice, "I remember supporting Nancy when she first started blogging..." etc, etc.


    (But 4000 hits while you slept? That's obscene! I have half that in five months, and still have to beat them with a stick!)


  22. I just discovered your blog b/c of your BoN distinguishment! Congrats! Will you help me win scholarship money in a contest that seems pretty competitive? If you could go to my blog and click on the links I have and vote that'd be awesome. Thanks

  23. Well, being a BoN brought me to your blog, which I very much appreciate as I have been largely unsuccessful finding interesting, well-written blogs on my own. You have been given a wonderful gift in your ability to entertain with words and I'm happy that you are sharing it. Thanks for a great blog--and I hope it works out with Mr. Handsome-with-two-sisters (is that a Native American name you gave him? :-))

  24. Okay, so I dont normally comment, but I do read, so this is unusual that I am commenting two posts in a row...but may I just say that this is the best acceptance post I have ever read for a winner of Blog of Note...the best! Heck, I dont think I even wrote one. I still feel guilty I didnt show the photo of me and my fam in our Spongebob pjs (I was supposed to...).

  25. That is just great! Congratulations, Nancy! Good things happen to good people :)

  26. Well done on Blog of Note and all that, it's an incredible achievement.

  27. I found you via the Blog of Note. It wasn't luck. You earned and deserve it. Congratulations!

  28. I really like your positivity! The cup is half full, and all that. Congrats on the blog BoN. And thanks for your support and kind words!!!

  29. I found you through BoN ~ read your post on the moving sale and knew right away that I have to follow this story to see where it goes. Today you have not disappointed... you are witty and any blog that gives me a giggle ~ I am there! Happy Sunday.

  30. I love your acceptance post but isn't there some saying like Luck favors those who work hard?

  31. Congratulations on the BoN - I'm super excited for you. Let's hope the good luck wears off on your followers...

    P.S. Buy a lottery ticket!

  32. Jay walk away, Miss Nancy! Get crazy!


  33. WOOHOO! I saw your blog on the BoN & was so happy for you! I think I mentioned it on Ron's blog! I'll have to check. I was so excited that I had to share the news.
    I see Chrissy is keeping track...LOL! (((HUGS)))
    Yes, I posted your BoN on his peeps post!

  34. Congratulations!

    Have you considered that this streak of good fortune might indeed be your reward for being so good? Why change now, when it seems to be working for you?

    All the best... :)

  35. I'm just wondering if Mr. 'Handsome Moving Sale Campaign Man' reads winning blogs...

  36. Congratulations on BoN! I am so glad to have found you.

  37. BoN for a reason, I'd say. I'm a college student in a social media class and maintaining a blog is one of our required assignments. After reading through a few of your posts, I'd like to thank you for being a great role model to us newbies. You have a very refreshing voice and enviable writing style. Congratulations on the BoN; I can't wait to read more! And I hope you're enjoying that new love seat. :-)

  38. Congratulations. You truly deserve it. Your blog is always interesting and well written.

  39. Hey there, congrats on your blog of note. I love the way you write. It's intriuging and makes me want to read more. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. :)

  40. After reading your last few days of blogs, I feel regret for not having found them sooner! It's no wonder that you were given that award and I think even more awesome that you appreciate it as much as you do. I hope that the changes you feel coming on work out for the best; I'm certainly going to be eagerly checking for updates!
    PS - Well done for going back. He's right - the business card and note was very classy.

  41. Congratulations! The funny thing is I think I'm reaping the residual benefits of you being named a "Blog Of Note." I had three people start following my blog out of the blue. If we're sticking to this whole you winning the lottery analogy, I guess that makes me the relative you use part of your winnings to buy a new car for.

  42. Congratulations on winning the blog of note.

    Rich and Rich Entrepreneurs

  43. You go girl~ Whoop! Whoop!

    I'm glad your stars are shining for you. You deserve it. Enjoy it!

    And a big congratulations on the Blog of Note!!

  44. I am always missing and late when exciting things happen :D

    Congratulations for winning the Blog of Note :)

    You deserve it and I am so happy to see someone whose blog I have loved for so long win that fabulous honour.

    Blogger has an excellent choice..have a nice day!

  45. Your so understood! My older sisters were terrible and by the time my twin and i were born we were so isolated from the world. even going to a slumber party young was a major guilt trip without my parents ever having to say a word. Of course by the time we entered high school we just figured that we ouldnt go to football games or stay out late. by senior year my dad asked us why we didnt go out or hang with! what a shock. College was the same. once i moved out i still behave the same. I never go to the csinos!! if i do it's because of an ABB concert or something. If and when i go out to bars I almost feel guilty, but why? i wasnt chasing guys or going crazy. It was that mindset that I should be home cleaning, studying, or just spending time with family. Believe it or not, i love the way i am. Never got a speedig ticket, have no record what so ever, no detentions, suspensions. I am the definition of an angel ;~) So just wanted to side with ya on this one

  46. Hi,

    I chanced upon your blog when looking for people who had suffered from a partner's emotional infidelity -- mainly cos I couldn't convince my husband there was such a thing.

    I recently started a blog of my own ( just to ventilate and share my own experience of what I thought came very close to it.

    I'm a play-safe person myself, and I think sometimes being afraid to confront risks makes you a victim in life. Congrats on BoN -- I wonder when I'll ever get some decent numbers on my blog!

    Wishing you happiness!

  47. Jackpot! Haa. Enjoy. Great blog-well deserving.


  48. Great blog, Nancy. Love it!
    Greeting from Malaysia. :))

  49. -throws confetti- Yes, I know I'm a bit late in responding to this. Haha...but better late then never I always say. Congrats on your Blog of Note. You deserve it. (: I'm still waiting for the day the stars align for me, but when they do I'll definitely be blogging about it. I'm not a very big risk taker either. Maybe I should be. Haha. Congrats again. (:

  50. congrats on being chosen for blog of note! i'd probably faint if that happened to me, followed by 10 minutes of me dancing to reggae, which is what i tend to do when something exciting happens. :)

  51. Hey i appreciate the way you have designed ur blog...

    and the way u been running it from more than 9 months...

    My good wishes are with u , ur blog's future is looking very bright...

  52. Found your blog quite by accident, had never looked at the Blogs of Note on Blogger ... so glad I did. Great blog.

    Also, don't know if you are interested but you might really enjoy She Writes,a community of close to 5000 mostly women (a few men, they don't discriminate) writers of all genres, ages, places and so on. Visit Would love to see you there.

    Beginning a Life at 50

  53. i know this feeling...and it's a great one. i was on cloud 9 a good month after my BoN. yay to you!! and a big congratulations!

  54. the old diva Nancy?

    BRING IT!!!!!

    You rock.

  55. congratulations on is on blogs of note I think it takes a lot criterion for this ...

  56. Nancy, you just can't mess with success

  57. It's not just the SUNGLASSES:).

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. well def. congrats on winning BoN! thats awesome!! i liked this post.. im followin you now! follow back..?!?

  60. Congratulations on what truly does seem like two winning lottery tickets! Good luck with the second one...

    So refreshing to read lengthy good prose in a day and age when so many seem to want only eye candy. Keep up the good work!

  61. Congrats! From the sound of things, BON couldn't of happened to a more deserving type of girl.

    I'm only one read in, but I'll continue to see what your blog here is all about!



  62. I really enjoy your writing. I'm looking forward to more stories.

  63. Congrats! Just don't forget us little people who were reading you BEFORE you were famous.

  64. Wow-eee that's a lotta hits!! Congratulations on this well-deserved honor :)

  65. Very cool blog! I love to check out the blogs of note. Congratulations!

  66. I used to work with risk management for a major pharmaceutical company. I was the guy that signed on the bottom that effectively said "this chemical process will not go BOOM in our factory".

    At work most people knew me as the safety guy, with that most assumed I never took any risks, ever.

    Nothing be further from the truth, a year or so after I passed my risk assesment exam I passed my skydiving exam.

    When people at work started to find out what I was up to during my weekends I got a pretty much one-sided reaction: "How can a guy who preaches safety at work jump out of airplanes?!?"

    In the end I decided to give a talk on the subject, the summary of which was:

    Everybody takes risks, it is only when you are not aware that you are taking risks that the risks can have disastrous consequences.

    Assess the possible negative outcomes of the risk you're thinking of taking. If they are acceptable, take the risk. If they are not, either modify the risk to change the negative outcome or don't take the risk.

    Glad to see someone who decided to start taking risks and thinking about them...

    ps. I can REALY recommend a tandem jump, if you think it's too risky, learn about it, then assess the risk again...

  67. Congratulations ..!!!!
    Can you give me some????

  68. I truly enjoyed reading this post. I love how animated you are. Congrats on Blogs of Note! I think more than luck, you deserved the honor for your ability to captivate and entertain readers with your life experiences and quirky writing abilities. Again, I truly enjoyed reading, I am sure to return.

  69. Great Post. Congratulations on Blog of Note. I can't wait to read more.


  70. Lovely post. Reminds me of the time I won David McMahon's Post of the Day, about a month back. Big surprise!

  71. Remember, don't let it all get to your head. Otherwise you'll become one of "them." :)

  72. Congrats on BoN! It's how I found your blog. It's a great read and I love your attitude to life.

    Looking forward to reading more. :)


  73. So how can I get a hamster like yours?

  74. Congrats on making blogs of note. Hopefully the stars will remain sligned for you long enough so you do win the lottery. i have recently spent far too much money at McDonald's (more than I'd like to admit to) trying to win that darn Monopoly game. Hope you have more luck than I have.

  75. Congrats! You DO have a blog of note!

  76. Congrats on being a Blog of Note! You are awesome. Also...message from the handsome guy? Yay!

  77. To my fellow Cautionista-So happy for you! BoN is very exciting, but don't use ruining the perfect day with a speeding ticket!

  78. Haha, that was wonderful! "In the next day or so, watch out...I may just jaywalk."

  79. Awesome! Congrats on the BofN award! So richly deserved. So if you're planning to change, don't change too much, because so many of us love you just the way you are!

    I love the whole saga of the garage sale guy, too!

    Carry on!

  80. I haven't read your entire site, I was just cruising through the different BoNs to get some ideas for my newly found blog (actually, I've been trying to work on my website in the last few years and end up dropping it off the face of the earth into no end).

    Anyway, I saw some of your articles and was particularly interested in this one, not because of what you wrote necessarily and risks is all about life really. You have what I have, a labradoodle and mine is a darling and reminds me of some of the things she LOVES to do and I laughed my head off just picturing it!

    About my dog, she is a bit smaller than a typical labrador and actually smaller than a standard poodle too but she is closer to labrador in terms of size. This is the first time I've had a dog completely on my own, I wasn't even sure I could take care of a dog on my own for many reasons which include lack of attention, dedication, what not and the risks of doing it? Has paid off exponentially (although my mom may not have agreed with the way I've handled the dog she is still a sweet 3 year old and almost always obeys every voice command)

    thought I'd throw that out, cuz its related to the labradoodle and risks and gave me plenty of memories of my dog (oh yeah she LOVES to sleep with me and I allow it provided she doesn't hold down my feet like yours does).

  81. Wow!! Congrats on the Blog of Note award. You definitely deserve it; you are an amazing writer! Glad you're letting loose a little as well. Life is too short to be good ALL the time. ;)


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