Monday, October 5, 2009

grab a seat and a martini...

I can't begin to tell you how many times I start perusing my favorite blogs to find that my friend JennyMac over at Let's Have a dressing in her finest for an awards show!

I find it amazing that seemingly every week she has collected enough awards in those seven days to make her awards show a weekly post! I'm thinking, "Wow, now that chicks really got it goin' on." And then just today she had a post where they interviewed her for Women's Wear! AND asked her to be a blogger for them. When I grow up, I want to be JennyMac. Oh wait, I'm older than she is...

...but I still want to be her!

Anyway, this week I must have done something right, because I now get to have my own mini awards show! Yes, my friends! I received a few awards this week that I now need to pass out of my cue to others that are more deserving AND give kudos to those who thought of me when passing theirs out.

JennyMac usually dons something spectacular for her show, I'm just going to pour us all a few drinks. Is that okay? Alrighty then, settle down and let the presentation begin!

The first award comes from none other than Miss JennyMac! I didn't leave comments on her posts to actually GET this, I left her comments because I felt compelled to. But isn't he cute?! I just love him!

And as a perfect segue...I'm starting my own little special commenter's award. Every week I'll post a Follower of Note that will have front and right sidebar stage on my blog. This week it's JenJen of Jen's Voices. Isn't she beautiful? Perhaps next week it could be YOU!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The first award received this week (or was it last week...I'm bad at getting around to awards!) is from Theresa at An Officer and a Gentleman. Theresa has been with me for a long time in this blogging community. She is one of those individuals that if she lived nearer to me, we meet for lunch and chat until dinner. Thanks Theresa for thinking of me!

The requirements for this award are that I have to list my 5 biggest obsessions. Then, I must pass this award on to 5 other worthy bloggers.

My obsessions:

1. Sunday laziness. Nothin' is quite like Sunday's spent in your PJ's. Or Mondays. Or Tuesdays. Awww hell, if I could live in them, I would.

2. Automatic coffee makers. As long as you remember to properly set the time in the right 12 hours, AM or PM, it's quite lovely. Nothing like waking to the smell of Java Joe.

3. Sleeping on brand new 1200 thread count sheets. It's like I've died and found myself at the Ritz.

4. Black riding boots. Good ones. Italian made if at all possible.

5. The perfect martini. Still looking...and sipping. Any suggestions? :-)

And my 5 fabulous bloggers to whom I'm passing the torch are:

1. Cameron at A Haiku a Day. However, she's finding that daily Haiku's are going to be less than daily, so her blog title may change! But she's quite talented and needs some new friends to follow her! So go on by and check her out! :-)

2. Heather Kathleen at A mouthy Irish woman?...Ridiculous, brings a smile to my face daily. Besides her talent, how can you not love someone named Heather Kathleen?

3. Across O/ Oresund is a photo collaboration between two friends. Kristina in Sweden and Julochka in Denmark. It's fabulous. You must see their talent...

4. Life, Love and Wine...she's been popping by my site and leaving the best comments! She also has this honest way about her posts that make me smile. And for God's sake, how can you not just love someone who likes their lips stained red due to wine consumption?! :-)

5. Sharon at Your Not My Real Mom is one of my new bloggy friends. I usually can't help myself from laughing or crying or spitting out my coffee or waving my hand at the screen when I read her posts. I just like what she has to say and how she says it...

Just like Ronco, "But wait! There's more!"


Josephine over at A Day in the Life gave me this a little MeMe! To celebrate the Me in the MeMe I have to create 5 categories each containing 5 favorite items of said category. And then tag 5 people to do the same thing! That's alot of 5's...but here goes!

My 5 favorite times of day:
1. Bedtime.
2. Playtime with my daughter.
3. Vacation time.
4. Nighttime.
5. Did I mention Bedtime?

5 favorite things to do in Fall:
1. Rolling in leaves. Embrace your inner 10 year old!
2. Apple picking.
3. Decorating for Halloween.
4. Bonfires.
5. Hosting pumpkin carving parties. With bonfires.

5 favorite pieces of clothing:
1. Black cashmere turtleneck.
2. Black cashmere blazer
3. Black cashmere zipped hoodie.
4. Black cashmere oversized ribbed turtleneck. (are you seeing a pattern?)
5. Paper, Denim and Cloth jeans.

5 favorite fall drinks:
1. Java Joe with ginger pumpkin cream.
2. Hot Chai.
3. Hot sake.
4. Grogg. (spiced red wine)
5. Hot mulled cider.

5 favorite pets of all time: (this category came to be because the 2 dogs that are still alive are both sitting on my feet right now. Who needs slippers?)
1. Sienna. (current- Labradoodle)
2. Stuey. (current - American Bulldog)
3. Cameron. ( Golden Retriever)
4. Ferris. (Bovier)
5. Ellioto Goziamasta (white cat...who thought he was a dog)

Okay. Now to pass that little seal of approval onto 5 people!

1. With Eyes Wide Open always has some great things to say. Now I'll find out more about her with this ditty!

2. Jennifer at Momma Made It Look Easy deserves this award as well. She's another newbie on my list of fun reads! And this beautiful award will look SO NICE on her sidebar!
Plus I can't wait to see what he does with her categories...

3. I want Jill at Tickled Pink and Green to have this award as well! She's new on my list, but what I've seen thus far...I can tell we'll be bloggy friends for a long time!

4. The SquirrelQueen at The Road to Here has been supplying me with my visual needs for some time. She takes great photos and also has superb commentary to go with them. What more could you ask for?

5. Pearl at Pearl, Why You Little... because she's witty and funny and my God, she posts Every. Single. Day. Thank you Pearl for giving me a daily chuckle. Oh yeah, I'm there whether I comment or not, I've been there reading. :-)


Georgina at Olive Juice is a new reader that has offered me the Fabulous Blogger award as well! WOW! Not one this week, but two! I feel all tingly! Thanks Georgina! You have to go check her out...she has some fabulous insights and things to say! She's becoming one of my favorite blogs to read each day.

I'm to give you another 5 obsessions and pass this on to 5 bloggers...I'm running out of brain!!!

5 more obsessions...
1. waking before the rest of the house. It allows me a little quiet time...
2. Cinzia Rocca coats. Overpriced but so well worth the money.
3. Walking the dogs at twilight. That way I can see where I'm going AND look into peoples houses as they turn their lights on!
4. My computers running smoothly. Had a little virus due to trying to open a video on that Chicago thing and have been trying to get it off the laptop ever since....Bah.
5. Lipstick. I don't even mow the lawn without it.

5 fabulous blogs?

1. Jules at A Hermit's Ranting Tantrums. She's got great wit, but doesn't post enough! More Jules, More!!!

2. Claire at A Little Piece of Me. She's really quite wonderful...put down your beverage BEFORE opening. Don't say I didn't warn you.

3. Pat at A View From the Edge. She's traveling right now and I'm living vicariously through her tire treads. Extremely witty woman...ah, if only.

4. Carma at Carma Sez becuase she is clever, witty and a wonderfully entertaining read! Go. Now!

5. Judearoo at Different Wiredly... She's got some beautiful writing and great images. She also deserves more people to see her stuff. The girls got talent.

And finally,
A special shout-out to Matthew at AbodeOneThree. His writing blows me away. And the kind things he said about me on his own awards post really made me grateful to have found, by accident, his blog. One day I'll be perusing Borders Bookstore and find a novel with his name as the author. And then I can say, "I remember when...."

Thanks to everyone for sharing all these awards with me! I hope that I've given you some new leads on blogs to find and follow. It amazes me daily how many talented people there out in the blogosphere. Thanks!



  1. that's a lot of blog awards you got there! yay for you. and how awesome is the follower of note idea! i love it!!! thank you for the nod for Across Ø/Öresund, we appreciate it!! will have to discuss with kristina and plan a week of diptychs on our obsessions as acceptance. :-)

  2. Ok. I have to create five catagories and each catagory I have to have five things I like.... I don't know if I like that many things. LOL

  3. @julochka - post some photos for the awards! I just love seeing things through the both of your lenses. :-)

    @Jennifer - I KNOW! I thought about cheating and not doing the whole thing. Which of course, you may do! Fact is, you don't have to DO anything! You deserve the award no matter what! :-)


  4. I stopped mid-birth to come over here and visit, especially since there was the promise of an award!!!

    I want to be Jenny Mac too, but alas I'm also too old :-(

    Thank you for including me.

    I get the feeling that you like cashmere, and although you didn't mention napping, I bet you would make an awesome napper, much like myself :D

    Grogg is one of those things that I imagine is much tastier than it sounds??

    Thanks again for my faboosh (me trying to sound cool like Perez) award :D

  5. Congrats on all your awards!! Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  6. oh you stinker. "Isn't she beautiful?..." ARRRRGGGGHHH...
    *wrinkles nose*

  7. First, you are so kind and so awesome. I was really touched by what you wrote. And you deserve every award you have received. Loved the party.

    And JenJen is a doll! Featured follower is a classy move Nancy. Bravo.

  8. Another rash of awards?! Well deserved, ma'am!

  9. Aw. Congratulations, Nancy on all the wonderful awards. You're very deserving! And congrats to all the recipients....more great blogs to read! Whee!

  10. @Carma - You are welcome for the Faboosh award! And yes, I AM a professional napper. I just missed it today because I was busy passing out awards. Out of sight out of mind...

    @Ann's Rants - Darlin', I'm always over lurking you. I just don't always leave comments. I figure your 85 comments per post is enough! :-)

    @CatLady Larew - Thanks! Who would've thunk it!

    @JenJen - You ARE gorgeous! Beautiful is an understatment! :-)
    But I AM a stinker....

    @JennyMac - All the things were all truths! I am nearing your bestest fan! :-)

    @Indigo - Those $5 handouts went a long way, didn't they?! :-)

    @Kathryn - Thanks! Yes, there is some even more great blogs to add to your list of reading material!!!

    Thanks guys! As always, your comments ROCK!


  11. I'll always gladly accept an offered martini! Congrats on the awards.

  12. You are a popular gal! I was just over at Jenny Mac's blog and read about her recent coup. I told her I need her agent. I'd like to start getting published as well.

  13. Congrats on all of your awards, those are some fun ones. Thanks for including me in the MeMe award, now I just have to come up with 5 fives. This is going to be fun.

    I see you also like Grogg, maybe I will have some while making my list. Thanks again.


  14. you r rich in awards and recognition.....

  15. Oh WOW!!! :D

    Thank you SO much, my dear! This has truly made my day!!!

    ps I just got ridiculously distracted with little mouse/gerbil thing. SO COOL!!!

  16. @Pearl - The award for YOU is so well deserved! It's the least I could do to thank you for providing me with entertaining reading material!

    @Judge Fudge - And what flavor would you like? Pull a stool!

    @Jen - Isn't that great about JennyMac?! I hope we ALL get agents! Now wouldn't THAT be nice? Hmmmmm. Just the thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    @Judy - Grogg. The drink that sounds horrible but yet tastes so good! Your welcome my dear for the award! Can't wait to see what you do with it!! :-)

    @asit dhal - Why thanks! It's rather surprising. I've got so many great bloggy friends!!!

    @Judearoo - Isn't the little hampster cute? I just love him. And YOU are WELCOME! I love your blog. You are so very talented!

    Thanks to everyone! As always!


  17. Wow! If I'd have known, I'd have worn an evening gown!
    Of course I'm not surprised; you so deserve it Dahling!
    I just spent like, 5 years, checking out many of your recs; some good finds!

  18. I love the gerbil, along iwth your blog...come visit some time!

  19. Congrats on all these lovely awards; the way you write you should have more posts like these, dear friendly.

    I have something for you over at my blog :)

  20. Thank you soooo much! I am honored! So glad to have found you too! :)

  21. Congrats on the awards and I'm definitely going to come back and check your nominees and Jen's Voice.

    Thanks for the heads up on some new reads and congrats again on the well deserved awards.

  22. @Maureen - Oh Darhling...YOU always look fabulous! Thanks! It was quite a surprise to me as well to receive all these! And yes, please do go visit everyone...there is some really good talent out there!!!

    @StacyJWarner - I'll be right on over! Thanks for stopping by here!

    @Ladytruth - WooHoo! Thanks honey! Aren't you the sweetest! You've been stockpiling those by the looks of your award post!!!

    @Tickled Pink & Green - I love your blog title. I want to walk around all day just saying it, "pink and green, pink and green" :-)

    @Little Ms - Oh yes, please do go and visit. These are all the culprits keeping me from getting real work done throughout the day!!!


    Thanks guys! You're the best!


  23. Thanks for the kind words! And congratulations on all your awards. I'm looking forward to doing some blogghopping on the weekend and meeting all those fabulous blogger friends of yours!
    Cheers - G

  24. Ooh I'm a little late here! Hopefully will get to it soon...and congrats on your many awardds!

  25. Thank you so much! You made my day:) And I LOVE the follower of note idea!

  26. I'm a touch late, but I love your blog. It's warm AND interactive. Big, big fan. Well done on your awards. :)

  27. Well,you have some great cooments !!!

  28. Aw, thanks for the award! I also think you are quite the queen of wit. And I do need to post more. Darn my internet ADD.... Anyway, your blog is great!


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