Friday, October 9, 2009

missed opportunities...

Has you ever experienced a feeling of regret? A really big regret?

One that made you want to bang your head on a dashboard because you knew, at that very moment, that you missed a golden opportunity?

I'm not talking about the run of the mill 'Blue Light Special' kind of missed opportunity, but the life altering kind?
I'm pretty damn sure I had one of those yesterday. And it has lurked in my subconscious filling me with regret ever since then.

I dreamt about it last evening wondering if the opportunity really did exist. Or was I imagining things. Did I misinterpret the signals? Can I do something today to make up for my obvious bad timing? And lack of response?

Yesterday afternoon I went to the movies with a good friend.

She loves movies. And we used to do this periodically when our kids were attending the same school. We'd meet at noon and watch a flick and still have enough time to go pick up the kiddies. Yesterday we managed to work it back into our schedule and planned to meet at the local cinema to see 'The Invention of Lying' with Ricky Gervais.

(BTW - I would highly going to this movie if you want to be entertained. Very, very good movie.)
On the way to the theater I saw a Moving Sale sign. Something inside me urged to me to stop, even though I knew that by stopping there was a sure chance I would be little late. But my instinct told me to go, so I turned the car around and went.

By that time in the late morning many of the big items had sold tags on them waiting for the purchasers to come back to retrieve them. Too bad, there were some things that would've worked great in my home. But, oh well.

I was greeted in the driveway by a beautiful golden retriever, Alfred, who obviously picked up the scent of my own dogs and the fact that I love dogs. He was following me everywhere. The owners, a man and woman whom I assumed were married, were very friendly as well and we made the obligatory conversation that dog owners have.

"I used to have a golden."
"Oh, how old was he?"
"I had to put him down at 14, he was bigger than yours. 120lbs in his heyday."
"Max is only 3." get the picture. I thought to myself, "what nice people". They kept telling Max to "leave the lady alone". It really wasn't any trouble, I love dogs.

The woman told me there were more things inside on the sale as well, so I proceeded to go take a look. There were some beautiful items and in the typical Nancy fashion, I asked where they were moving.

Now really. Did it matter where they were moving? Why would I bother to ask such a thing. I don't know these people, what would I do with that information? But I asked and she obviously also being made of the same cloth as me, told me.

I had been perusing the stuff staged in the family room whilst this conversation took place. As she was answering my question I turned to look at her. At which point she told me, "You've got beautiful eyes."

I'm not used to compliments. I don't do well with them. I give compliments, but I'm usually not on the receiving end, so it set me a little of kilter...

I thanked her for her kind words and then took leave into the front rooms to see what they had to offer over there. They had some nice items if I had room for a grand piano or a full dining set complete with curio, but otherwise there wasn't anything that I could use in my own home.

And then on a table mixed in with linens was a framed document.

I picked it up to take a closer look. It was the invitation and admission ticket for the 2001 Inaugural Ball for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. I'm not a very political person, but my past political standings are more on the right. I have always liked the Bush family, politics aside. My dad is a staunch republican and I thought that if this were indeed for sale, it might be a great present for him.

So I inquired if this piece of history WAS for sale. She said, "Let me ask my brother. He worked on the campaign, you know."


I could hear the chimes in my head. Oooh, that good looking man is her brother? Not her husband? Is he married? Is he moving because of a divorce? All the furniture and trimmings have a woman's touch to them, but it is a moving sale. There is no other woman here. And he is very handsome, but doesn't look hmmm.

The thoughts running through my head were interrupted by them both answering, "Oh, that? No. That got mixed in by mistake."

Darn, I thought. But okay. I wouldn't have thought anyone would sell that anyway.

"Do you like George Bush?" Mr. 'I'm so handsome and I'm moving and this is my sister helping me' asked.
"Yes, I do."
"Come with me then. I have something you might like."

Um. You bet you do. You have no idea....

I followed him out of the house into the garage where is sifted through a box and pulled out an 11x14 framed photo of the Dub himself. It's a casual photo. Like someone took a snapshot of him driving a truck on the ranch from the passenger seat.

"This is one of my favorite photos of him. You can have it."
"I can pay you for it.", I replied.
"No, no way. You can have it. Your so cute."

And at that point, looking at my watch knowing I was going to be late to meet my friend for the movie I thanked him for his kindness and walked down the driveway and left.

I never even looked to see if he had a wedding ring on.
I never introduced myself.
I never asked him his name.
I didn't ask him about the campaign.

All these openings!

I think I may have missed a stellar opportunity. And now what do I do. Would it seem to obvious if I stopped back this morning to "see if that love seat is still available?'

Perhaps I should just let it go. And think about 'what might have been' from time to time. It's been so long, perhaps I didn't 'get it'. By not reacting or responding I sent him the "yeah, no thanks' signal.

But it keeps creeping back into my brain. Was this the knight in shining armour?

Maybe I'll go back and buy that grand piano if it's still for sale.
That should definitely get his attention.

Now where will I put it? Damn.
I knew I should have kept up with those piano lessons...

Footnote: (11:00 am)

OKAY! Okay!
Upon the overwhelming response to me 'GO BACK!' I did drive by. I even made out a little note in the case that the sale was not continuing through today.

But it was, and I went.

Another sister was there today, but no "Good looking I worked on the campaign" guy. I did buy something small, inquired about the loveseat that now also had a SOLD sign on it and left my business card with a note of "Thanks for the picture, didn't get to thank you a rush to a meeting" on the back of it.

So I guess, I've done my part...outside of stalking. Who knows?
Too bad he wasn't there today. My hair looked fabulous.

Footnote, Part II: (6:00 pm)

So my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number so I let it ring into voicemail. Voicemail is my God, right next to the Internet and Cable...

Here it is Mr. 'Handsome with two sisters still don't know if he's married or single' calling me back. His message? "Thanks Nancy for leaving the note and your business card, very classy. The loveseat is still available, call me back. Maybe we can work something out."

So I waited a little while...I mean, I don't want to appear to eager. But don't want to wait too long, he might think I was the one unavailable.

Anyway. I just got off the phone with him. We talked for 20 minutes. I'm having drinks with him next week!!!!

But I bought a loveseat. Thank God the piano was sold.


  1. Go back. For any reason:)

  2. You're not called F8hasit for nothing? I'd say go back and see what happens! - G

  3. I got so engrossed in ready your postings that I lost track of time!
    Very enjoyable reading!
    If the sale is still going on, I'd think of some reason to return, living with regret is no fun and you're never too old to learn to play the piano!
    Sunny :)

  4. Yes, absolutely go back, buy more. It may be the opportunity you're looking for. Be careful though. Not all married men wear rings.

  5. Go back. If the "feeling" has stuck with you this long, it's worth exploring.

  6. Go back! And then tell us what happens.

  7. You'd be a fool not to go back, and YOU ARE NO FOOL. So go-- run like the wind. Invite him for coffee, a drink, a life. See what he's like. I bet you can trust your instincts. But you have to tell us what happens!

  8. ABSOLUTELY go back!!
    Go you!!

  9. That little voice whispering from just off your shoulder - the one that is telling you to return - is spot on. Random acts of kindness aside, the chances of his reaching out to another human like that are slim. The intangible something that draws persons towards each other is there. So take it the chance you've been given.

  10. !!!
    Ditto to what everyone else said! Can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  11. Go back but keep it cool...he might be hot but that doesnt' make him a prince!


  12. Go back. You never know what might happen! I'm thinking he was flirting with you a little. Plus he's a Republican like me. We're fantastic in every single

  13. Go back NOW! Chemistry cannot be manufactured. Listen to your readers. In fact, I hope you aren't reading this, but enjoying coffee with the George Bush guy. (Little weird, he has an 11x14 of him, I'm just saying.)

  14. You have to go back. What do you have to lose? It is the only way you will know for sure. Good Luck and let us know what happens.

  15. @EVERYONE!

    Okay! I did what you asked and I went back. He wasn't there, but another sister was. I left my business we'll see.

    Maybe I might have to go again tomorrow and buy that piano. THAT didn't have a sold sign on it.

  16. OOH smooth, you left your card. Proud of you.

  17. I'm glad you went back - too bad he wasn't there. But it was a great idea to leave your card. Now the ball's in his court, per say. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed that he makes a move. Great post!

  18. I can so relate to this. A bit different setting, but the concept was the same. Only I didn't go back. I'm glad you did though. (:

  19. I think it would be socially acceptable to return again next week with a lovely cake you just baked to thank Handsome again.. getting his address & number from the sisters if he's not around. Probably monthly visits after that... you wouldn't want them thinking you were too forward and pushy or anything!

  20. I've been there, but didn't realise until much later. I'm too clueless or taken by another thought. (she was hitting on me? Really?) Good luck. :-)

  21. Congrats on Blogs of Note. I enjoyed reading this post, and the "Don't click that link" post as well (been there). Glad you came out of it ok.

  22. I'm proud of you for going're awesome.

    Also...YOU'RE A BLOG OF NOTE!!! Congrats! You rock!

  23. Wow! Contrats on your BLOG OF NOTE!
    Sunny :)

  24. Ha - glad you went back. You never know what might happen....
    Just found your blog from 'blog of note'. Really enjoyed reading it all the way from the rainy North of England

  25. @EVERYONE (again) -

    You all seem to be of a collective state of mind! So I apologize, I'm not calling you out individually, but...
    THANK YOU! I'm honored with the Blog of Note and YOU, my followers and commenters, I thank.

    Your ALL the best!
    What a great day this rainy, rainy Friday has turned out to be!


  26. OMG...CONGRATULATIONS on Blog of Note, Nancy!!!

    I just saw it on my dashboard and wanted to stop by immediately to say....YAAAAAAAAAAY!

    You GO, girl!

    And you deserve it!!!

  27. I can't wait to hear how this turns out!

  28. Wow,

    F8HASIT is the Blog of Note today!


    Please enjoy this special moment and let us know everything about your unexpected experience.

    You deserve it!

    Cheers and best regards from Canada.

    Jose Luis Avila Herrera
    -My photoblog

  29. Stumbled on your blog, now I can't wait to read the next installment!

  30. Congrats on Blog of Note! Nice blog, nice post, really enjoy reading it.

    Am waiting to hear how it turns out. Hope everything turns out well for you! =)

  31. YAY, NANCY! I am so happy for you! This is turning into an EXTREMELY good day! Congrats
    on Blog of Note! SUCH A HUGE totally
    deserve it!
    Now everyone will know how wonderful a writer you are!

  32. Lovely stuff. How exciting. I'm sort of pleased I slept through this evolving and got here right at the happy ending!

  33. Hey Nancy,

    A little bird told me you just got a very special recognition today? (ok, so I follow you on Twitter, stalker-style) THAT IS SO COOL!

    And, if the fella from your other good news turns out to be a decent bloke and not an axe-murderer, way to go on that one too! Seizing the day? I should say so!


  34. What a lucky day you're having-fame AND men. You better go buy a lottery ticket.

    Congratulations, Miss Blog of Note!!

  35. Fabulous story! Movie material maybe, or a really great book! You should go buy a lottery ticket!

  36. Congrats on BoN! This lovely story could be the beginning of a very interesting movie. You'll absolutely have to post a followup on your gettogether.

  37. Nancy-
    I could read your blogs every day. you are a fantastic writer. you should definitely write a book. as far as your story, good for you for going back! my first instinct was to yell GO BACK! then i remembered, sometimes we only have that moment. the next day is too late. i FIRMLY believe in following that teeny tiny nudge in your stomach that says, "say something!" its meant to be said at THAT MONENT at THAT TIME! I have learned to follow it always! i take a LOT of chances in life and at least i can say i lived! i experienced. whether it be rejection or love, i have experienced it. if you read my blogs, you may see what i mean. so i do believe that moment has passed but the next time the wind blows that opportunity to seize that very moment, GRAB IT! with NO FEAR! its really fun to live in the moment. cant wait to hear more!

  38. omg great blog- your writing is so interesting and intriguing, i find myslef coming back for more and more (rather like my addiction to mint milanos, where i cant have just one, but 3 or more.) but i digress. Great blog! Keep it up!

  39. See, woman can do that. Men are considered total stalkers for driving by a second time even if there was a missed opportunity. Suddenly there's police involved, or a waterhose. And why do you have 146 followers to my 41? Life's no fair.

  40. What a fabulous story! I've been "lurking" for a few weeks, but thought I'd finally post a comment to say Congrats on being blog of note! And I hope you post about your date with Mr. Handsome!

  41. OMG! you have a lot of comments. Anyways, I know how you feel... I have somebody like that in my life right now. Oh yes and congrats on being blog of note.

  42. love this story! let us know how the drinks with mr good looking went :)

    saw your blog through blogs of note. keep posting!

  43. hey there!
    awww, this is a lovely story... i enjoyed reading it. you have a way with words, i think. :)
    i saw this blog via the "blogs of note"... just so you know. :D

  44. Now this is really exciting...Can't wait to know what happens next ;)

    I'm glad you went back :)

  45. Oh, how romantic! I'm glad you went back. I hope you let us know what happens.

  46. i am from eastern europe, to explain, that it was more than an interesting cultural tour (thanks for blogs of note). :)...we give more about the bitterness of such, more explanation about the personal feelings, i think...anyhow this sweet bitter is also remarkable :)...i keep my finger crossed for you, but never post again if it gone through :)

  47. That is so beautiful, like a passage from a book. Im not sure how old this post is but best of blessings to you both. I believe you handled it very well.

  48. YAY!!!! I think this is fantastic! And good on you for not letting this opportunity pass you by and remember it sitting on a porch with a glass of gin in your unsteady, aged hand and wonder where in the world is Mr. Mover. I really do hope all goes well with the date and this man, Nancy; very excited to hear about all of it :)

    (I'm still smiling with glee for your sake!)

  49. ABSOLUTELY go back!!


  50. im so happy for you. :) i was going all "awwwww.." while reading the blog. hahaha.

  51. Congratulations on making blogger of note! That's awesome..and I'm waiting with bated breath for the next instalment of this story :)

  52. Glad you went back...nah I just read a bunch of the comments. I don't know what I'm talking about. The post was soooo long...Reading a few comments was quicker.

    But the other people seemed to like it. Gj!

  53. So glad to hear your tale of living and taking opportunities. Love the post.

  54. OMG!!! Love it love it.

    I was yelling at the screen GO BACK!
    Then the footnote.
    And another one.

    So happy I laughed!

  55. Came across your blog through the 'blog of note' update. All I can say is, thank god for the footnotes! Hope it works out for you! :)

  56. GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! this is the stuff that dreams or at least great stories are made of!!

    and? a situation like this is how i found my mr. nice guy....we have been together almost a year now. le sigh.

    keeps us informed doll! oh my!

  57. Just a quick message to say congrats on being blog of note this week. :) As for the guy, you go girl!!!


  58. This story is the kind of thing that keeps me addicted to blogs! YeahYeahYeah! I'm so excited that you went back. I can't wait to hear the rest! - G
    PS. I hope your blog wasn't listed on your biz card, but if it was, here's my shout out to Mr. Handsome: "Don't pass up a chance with this fabulous lady. You'll regret it!" :)

  59. Hi Nancy, I'm sorry If I got the name wrong I think that was the name on the signatur.

    Anyway I found your blog on the frontpage of bloger and was taken by your recent post.

    I'm glad that you got in touch with the man and hope you too the best of luck

  60. THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE READ ALL MORNING!!! I just subscribed.


  61. You page is very good dear, i love all the efforts you effected on it. Keep it up.

  62. i LOVE reading your blog. it feels like a convo with friends!!

    keep it up =]

    -Simply Cheap Chic

  63. This story made me so happy and hopeful and giddy! I want more! I want a whole novel to read!

  64. Oh wow Nancy! That is awesome! I am so glad you went back even if to find out "what if?"

  65. i truly enjoyed your post that i feel kinda "ahhh, its' finished already" thingy!i want to read some more!

    i would have buy the car if its for sale. just to find out of what could have been and what if's!

  66. Hey Nancy, 73 comments? Damn, anyone would think you were a Blog of Note. You'd best get used to it ;>

  67. my intro to your blog. good story. and good luck!

  68. I love a good story with happy PostScripts!

  69. Yay! I'm so glad you went back.
    And you're having drinks!
    You have to let us know how it goes; these things (as I'm sure you well know) don't happen every day!

  70. I love your blog and I love this post...can't wait to read future entries! :) And congrats.

  71. Congrats on being Blog of Note. A lovely story I like it. Hope you will post the following happened.

  72. Blog of Note? Atta girl!! Congrats, my dear! :)

  73. this is an AMAZING story! && im proud of you for going back!!! gosh, i wish thing like this would happen to me~!!! :)

  74. Best thing I read all day! By the sounds of it, you do not need luck, so... enjoy the moment!

  75. nice blog, thanks for posting, and never give up

  76. Oh how exciting....I can't wait to read more about this story...

  77. Hallelujah!! You go girl!!! My son sent me this and am so glad he did!

    Keep us posted!! I will be waiting!

  78. Just found your blog. Love this story. It made me giddy! Im so glad you are getting to go out with him!


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