Friday, October 16, 2009

de-dogging to do drinks...

Okay already!
I get the hint. I'm not dense, you know...

If I tell you, will you stop bugging me?

There has been an overwhelming amount of you that have contacted me over the last week and said, "Yeah, great post about the stars aligning, the good luck, winning that award, all the new followers and stuff...but what the hell is going on with Mr. Handsome Moving Sale Man with Two Sisters"?

As Jen from The Brook Would Have No Music said,"Is that a Native American name you gave him?" Like Dancing with Wolves, Stands with a fist, or in my case, Stands with Martini Glass. Or Strong Like Bull Drinking Red Bull. Or even Stands Precariously Upright in UberHot Heels?


I did meet Mr. Handsome Moving Sale Man with Two Sisters; or Patrick, as he calls himself.

And yes, he's quite...intriguing. And handsome. And charming.

Of course, it was quick. Too quick. Go figure that my stars have decided to align themselves for someone else's schedule. Directly caused by my ex-husbands travel schedule to be exact. But that's okay. I can work around it.

One thing that I've enjoyed most about having an ex-husband is that I have 'designated nights out'. The nights that my daughter stays with her dad; those are the evenings when I plan to spend time with my friends; to go out. She really hasn't been much with babysitters, because I've always had one built in with my ex.

However, I think I may have to change some things if I plan on entering into the dating pool.

I had made plans to meet for a cocktail early evening. I knew that Boo's dad would be picking her up at 5:30, so 6:00 seemed a good time. Unfortunately her dad called and said that he was going to have to go out of town, could he switch nights? It's already 4:00. Should I cancel? Should I go? What to do!

I called Chrissy.

"Argh! What do I do?", I asked her.
"No buts. GO. Now..."

So I quickly checked my hair. Of course, it had been lightly raining all day which does not usually make for a good hair day. Not to obsess, but I would like to make a good first impression. I thought the rain did make my hair seem a little on the limp side, but the upside is it made my skin look nice and dewy. I reapplied some lipstick, de-dogged* myself and out the door I went.

*De-dogging- vb. To desperately try to de-fur your clothing before going out in public.
Synonym: De-cat.

De-dogging or de-catting yourself is a ritual at my home. On the back counter you can usually find several de-linting type products to use. Most of them do not work very well on Stuey hair; short, stiff white hair that manages to work it's way into the weave of your clothes. Why don't I have a penchant for black clothes if I own white haired animals? Fur is not enVogue. And especially not high fashion to be covered in Stuey hair...

I can't begin to tell you how many times I'd be standing a chatting with a friend and they start picking the hairs out of my sweater...usually unconsciously. They must think, "Geez, you'd think she could afford a lint brush!"

When we were at Cedar Point on Sunday, one ride was indoors and had black lighting. Boo loves black lighting. Her shoe laces and teeth glow. As do my fingernails and...what! I just spent an hour de-dogging this jacket!
White specks everywhere on my jacket! Everywhere!

Now back to the original story...

I ran out the back door in my black sweater as dog free as I could possibly get it. I hoped the wine bar didn't have black lighting. But I do know he has a dog, so maybe he'd be a little forgiving on the excess hair on clothes thang.

"Hi Patrick!" (He was already there when I arrived. Nice. Prompt.)
"Hey sister..." (Big smile on his face, leans in for a cheek kiss and quick hug.)

I explained my predicament that I couldn't stay long, however I didn't want to cancel. He seemed amused by my flustered apology.

"No problem at all Nancy. There will be other times."

At which I had the teenage flutters. Does he see that I'm blushing? God, I'm such a putz.
You know the worst part?
When I get nervous, I have to go to the bathroom...

Some people sweat, some people giggle.
I have to go #1.

The guy must think I have a bladder infection or something. I sure do hope he thinks it's 'adorable', 'cuz right now...I don't.

I texted him this morning to let him know that the dogs, Sienna and Stuey (pictured above) love the new loveseat. They just sprawl on it like I bought it for them. The $250 dog bed.

He responded back: Is it me or Alfred they r looking 4

I think it may be both.
Those dogs have good taste. And you know that dogs can tell about a human. So if they like his smell...then perhaps, he really is a good guy.

I'll let you know.
It does look very promising that he is...



  1. Yay! I'm so glad you went. And aren't you, too?Did he ask you out for Saturday??

  2. "I wonder if I should let him know I'm available, at present, for Saturday?"

    If he seemed up for it, don't wonder anymore. Go for it.

  3. Also, I'm intimately familiar with de-dogging. Got one (Tigger) that's part miniature pinscher, part Italian greyhound, and another (Kitty) that's part miniature pinscher, part terrier. De-dogging is an Olympic sport if they haven't been brushed in days, which reminds me that I have to do it later.

  4. A very FUN first visit was had! Love how you tell a story. Hope all goes wonderfully with Mr. Handsome Moving Sale Man with Two Sisters?
    (that's a fun name)...

    Enjoy your weekend~

  5. Patrick, huh? Ah, the charm of the Irish...

  6. :) I'm very glad your date went so well and that he seems quite keen to see you again...

    ...but I still need more
    Where was he born?
    What are his hobbies?
    Does he have a sense of humor?
    Is he a clean freak?
    I know you can't find out much in such a short time, but give me something!
    I've got nothing to work with here!

  7. Ok first off, the dogs are adorable. (: And second...

    "I wonder if I should let him know I'm available, at present, for Saturday?"

    I hope that is a rhetorical question, darling. But if not...of course you should. :D

  8. You should definitely make sure he knows you're interested...but don't be too available...I'd say do something with your friends this weekend and make plans with him for later.

  9. yay! i'm confused, though -- did he ask you out for saturday?!


  10. your dogs are adorable :) i love dogs!

    seems like you'll be having a 2nd date!!

  11. De-dogging and de-catting is a way of life at my house!
    Your story has me on the edge of my seat, can't wait for the next chapter.
    Sunny :)

  12. I am loving the Nancy and Patrick Chronicles.
    BTW, I commented on your reunion post this week and now have more similarities to add to the list - rain, limp hair and white dog fur on a closetful of black clothes. We're living parallel lives, new friend.
    Can't wait to hear more about "other times". Keep 'em coming.

  13. love the way you write Nancy. sounds like you had a great time. hope the next date goes equally well. i'll be checking back regularly :)

  14. Sweet - (outside looking in) - make Saturday happen!!! It can if you really want it!!

  15. Call him right this minute and make a date for Saturday!

  16. You are hesitating with .... Patrick, go for it girl. The good ones don't come along all that often. Besides we are already waiting for the next chapter in the Patrick saga or as Blogging to a Better Bonnie said, The Nancy & Patrick Chronicles.


  17. he sounds so sweet, of course he'll want to see you Saturday. Text him now...take the bull by the...ermm...horns...and enjoy.

  18. I'm so happy you went too! Life is fun when dating is FUN. :)

    PS: I have pet hairolottopussidous. I need to buy stock in the rolly-tape-thingy.

  19. Being tolerant of your 'bladder infection' = charming.

    Being 'into' it = bit worrying.

    I'm sure he falls into the former category. :)

  20. Did he ask you out for Saturday? Don't make yourself tooo don't know that much about him, and I think it's best..if there's mystery it shoud be on your end.

  21. Can´t help it.. I´m thinking of the TV-serie Mentalist everytime you mention his name, Patrick.. :D

  22. nice blog..please visit back!!!

  23. De-catting is a way of life at my house. I can relate! Your dogs are beyond cute!

    Ah, the Nancy and Patrick Chronicles... I am living vicariously though you! Love how it's going so far. Will be staying tuned for updates!

    Clair :)

  24. I gave up de-dogging awhile back. Which is probably why I haven't had a date in the last, oh, say, freakin' forever! But, seriously... way to go, Nancy! There's only one potential problem I see with this story... exactly why did Patrick greet you with, "Hey, sister..."? Whatever happens, don't let him settle into the "friend zone" prematurely!

    I anxiously await the next installment of this classic love story...

  25. All I can say is... "yay!". This is better than "Dynasty"!

  26. Yay, you! I'm so glad you went. I hope he's as good a guy as your dogs seem to think he is.

  27. This is sounding very good. Does he know about your blog? That every small thing he does is being dissected by us??

  28. Geez, it's getting crowded in here ;>

    I loved this:

    "Her shoe laces and teeth glow. As do my fingernails and...what! I just spent an hour de-dogging this jacket!"

    I always leave my good coat at home when I visit my friend with a golden retriever. Six months later, after numerous sessions at removing them, they still come surprise me.

    Sounds like it's all ticking over nicely, and long may it continue =)

    (And by the way, DJan raises a good point - if he becomes a fixture, he'll inevitably read about himself)

  29. Ah,yes. Rejoining the dating world. Been there! I will be eagerly awaiting your next chapter, hoping that you de-dogged yourself once again and went out with Mr. Moving Sale on Saturday night.

  30. Can't wait for the next chapter :]


  31. oooh! nice date. i fell ya' on the de-dogging. join the masses....going saturday? the world must know!!

  32. it could be least you don't have to go #2 when you get nervous. how horrible that would be :(
    i'm glad it went well for you!

  33. so far so good ~ sounds like it anyway. I love your comment about dedogging your clothing ~ we have one of each and I travel with a lint roller.

  34. I'm so happy for you! and I totally feel your pain about de-dogging... two months away from my lhasas (a.k.a, my babies) and I still have to de-dog myself... If you ever figure out a way to fix that, I'd love to hear about it
    P.S totally LOVE your blog! Visit me at whenever you're free... would love to hear what you have to say

  35. I am so enjoying that someone is dating and having fun!
    Go for it.
    Oh, and , decatting is a Big part of life around here, so I can so relate.

  36. Yes, perhaps he is a good guy. And perhaps he's smart enough to spot a really great woman when he meets one, enhanced with dog hair no less! Enjoy!

  37. Okay, so I know my comments aren't very interesting, but it seemed rude to lurk and not say something. I'll just say that I really love your blog (I think I said that already but oh well) and I don't mind if you don't update us like EVERY SINGLE DAY on Mr. Handsome Moving Sale Man with Two Sisters... but I also won't mind if you do ;)
    Thanks again for the awesome read,

  38. Yay! Glad to see a post update!

    YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm doing the happy dance.

  39. Hilarious, my dog loves to use our desk chairs as his personal sleeping space.

  40. Hey, sounds like a good start to something beautiful. My advice, get to know more about his sisters. My brothers always sought my advice on matters of the heart, but, did not always take my advice. If you get on well with his sisters you'll get to know more about him from a female point of view.

    Suggest a walk with your dogs and his, and see how he relates to the dogs. You can tell a lot about a person by how he handles his dog. Also you want to see if his dogs take to you as well, which I'm sure they will.

    There you have it! Whatever happens, this makes for great blogging, don't you think?

  41. I am jumping out of my seat!
    I wanted to slap you silly when you went off on the dog hair tangent and GET ON WITH IT already!!
    So So happy!!

  42. With 3 dogs and 2 cats I am in a constant state of de-doggig/catting. In fact this morning I had to de-dog my 'green' grocery bags before going to the store for fear of judgement from cashiers and customers that may be standing near me in line (when I walk away I'd hear, "eiwwww...did you see the collection of pet fur on those bags?? Does she live in a zoo?", when, in fact, I kinda do). I'm so happy to hear that all the good things you do are finally coming back your way. Your shameless plug of my site was one of those good things--thank you for sharing your lottery winnings with this nobody from nowhere! I've had a ton of hits since you wrote of your de-dogging adventures. I think your good turn deserves at least another date with Patrick-two-sisters. maybe a double date with yours and his dogs so there'll be no need to de-dog (and to make sure all family members will get along. Just in case...).

  43. Oh my gosh, Nancy, you've completely won me over - I'm hooked! Keeping my fingers crossed very, very tightly for you - this is so exciting! Big hugs from Prague (yes, all the way from Europe).

  44. things are progressing fabulously!!! good to hear this. Hope there are many more dates to come with the handsome Patrick.

  45. good job!!! go out as much a you can!!!!! i have the same problem when i gt nervous~ glad it not only me ;)

  46. That 'other times' sounds like a few dates waiting to happen. Just stay cool and don't drink too much water during the day of your date. I'm sure it'll get better once you're more comfortable with hunkalicious and it seems like there definitely will be time to get comfortable from what we've read here so far ;)

  47. Oh, yeah....there'll be other dates....sounds promising, girl! He sounds really sweet....and the stomach flutter? Like fireworks??
    I hope so....maybe the a sparkler??

    Can't wait for you to keep us posted!

  48. Well, I'm suffering with you sister...I love my black/dark colored fashion, however i have a little black and white dog who you wouldn't think would shed, but he's a shedding MACHINE! if anyone thinking of getting a "German Shorhaired Pointer"...warning! they shed alot! I love him though, so i just vacuum a lot and "de-dog" as you so cleverly explained. :)

    So glad to hear things things were "sparky" with the moving guy. Hopefully, you'll wind up as cozy with Patrick as your your pooches look there on his couch!

    *crosses fingers for you*

  49. Thanks for updating! I was wondering how the date went:)

    And oh my god with the dog hair. My dog has long white hair that gets EVERYWHERE. All of my work pants, sweaters, coats, etc are covered in it. The lint brush can only do so much.

  50. Thanks for sharing with the loveseat and your dogs. They are so match each other. I like your cute dogs, Sienna and Stuey, but do not like to de-dogging the short, stiff white hair. Hope everything will go smoothly, Nancy and Patrick!

  51. haha! funny..yea i always wondered why my dogs hair got embedded inside the fibers of my clothing and any other kinda fabric.. but glad to see im not the only one suffering, not that im glad to see that you are too with "de-dogging" lol.

  52. SO glad you went...can't wait to hear more.

    And those dogs? RIDICULOUSLY cute.

  53. I'm so glad to hear that things are going well for you!! A great gal like you deserves a great guy!


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